Tuesday, 5 November 2019

How to Continue Following Your Prospects Without Irritating Them?

Are you an entrepreneur?


I am really sorry, but you have to accept that at some point or another you annoy your prospects. And if you’re working for sales, then no doubt you’re trying the best corner of your mind to convince people to spend their own money on you. Trust me! That is really irritating sometimes.

Studies say that 80% of sales leads need at least 5 follow-ups after the initial sales meeting. But nearly 44% of salespeople give up after just 1 follow up.

You can’t afford your prospect to simply leave you like this and for that intentionally or unintentionally you have to irritate them. So, better help yourself by not irritating every prospect of yours. For this, you’ve to learn the habits, behaviors, and words that will help you in successfully closing any deal with any prospect.

1. Maintain a space

You’re back home after a long and hectic day playing with your kids and that moment itself, you’ll start receiving calls discussing the meeting you had with a company.

Would you like that?

No! Nobody wants that. At the end of the day, we all are humans, not robots and need some time to refresh our mind. It will sound ridiculous for a salesperson that you need to back off and give some space. But trust me it is very important to maintain a space with your prospect.

After a meeting or a good talk with your prospect in which you have discussed almost everything, you need to give some time to them so that they can discuss with their team and can think about your offers. When somebody is telling you that their superior is not present, don’t simply go on blabbering about your company. Take a time, wait and then follow up.

Showing patience is a quality which should be embedded in you if you want to stand out of the crowd. After giving a pause when you’ll return to your prospect they will welcome you with respect and won’t roll their eyes. Remember- Ask, wait, Follow.

2. Work on your approach

Always keep in your mind that your prospects need your services and you need the business. So, there should be no shame in following up your clients. But before that try to understand the best approach to get connected with people.

  • Do you need an urgent response or a positive response?
  • Do you need people’s attention or simply want to provide some information?

All these questions should be very clear in your mind before reaching your clients. If you need to get connected urgently probably you should go for a phone call as it is quick and responsive, but if you want to provide information about your latest offer and you’re calling, again and again, your clients for that. For sure it’s irritating.

It won’t only degrade your image, but also next time when you’ll call they’ll start thinking of picking up the call.

3. Grabbing your prospect’s attention

Whether email or a phone call, your main aim should be being concise and would be able to grab attention in one stroke. While contacting your prospect there are three important things which you should never forget:

  1. Why you’re contacting that person- should enclose information about her/him.
  2. Why now you’re contacting them- should give an overview of your company’s motive.
  3. Ask gently- Yes! That is the reason you’ve contacted her/him. So, better ask yourself about their comfortability or the person you’re looking for. After all, it’s better to be quick and to the point.

If still you’re confused, then look into the following example. If you’re from the sales team and trying to contact a prospect first time and don’t want to bother her/him, you can go like: 
Hi Mr/Ms. XYZ

I am a daily reader of your blogs and I have found them very interesting, but one thing that I have noticed in your blog is, you don’t use any call to action buttons. If you want to generate leads from your blogs then this is something we can help you with. We are available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. or if you want, you can suggest a time that’ll comfortable for you.
  So, try to be short and crisp and attract people.

4. Search for other ways to connect

Although phone calls and emails are a kind of default ways to reach your prospects, if it’s not working for you it’s better to search for some other ways.

There is no sense in searching a person in a wrong address. Right?

So, start searching for places where you can see your prospects and can hit them. Some of the places where you should try before losing the hope are:

Social Media

Yes! This is the place where you can find anyone these days and if you’re trying to target a market of youngsters then this is something you can leave unturned.

Referral Connections

Some people will never respond to your call and will check your emails no matter whatever you’re saying. You might fail to find such people on social media too. For such people, you can use this system in which your active members will help you in promoting your company in front of such people.

It’s all about your company

If nothing is working out don’t get depressed because it is just numbers and no emotional games. No matter what, but you’ll find some people who will never respond to you. In such cases, people lose their hope so soon or due to fear of rejection stop trying more.

This is not going to work if you are doing a business. If nothing is working, try something else, change your medium, change your ways, but keep on trying and following.

So, these were some of the techniques that will help you in reaching your prospects without or less irritating them. But what if you've already done a blunder and have already started irritating your prospects.

Sit back and relax and follow these steps to improve your situation. 
  • Get in touch quickly.
  • Try to reframe or withdraw.
  • Let them know that you’re creating value for them.
  • Create a temporary Space.
  • Change your medium of contact.
  Your prospects are spending their money on you.

So, irritating them will only cause loss to you. Keep on entertaining them and let them feel that you’re creating a value for their money and time and you’re all done.


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