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How to Cherish Your Customers?

Customers are the ultimate target when it comes to implementing a strategy for your business. In order to build your business to a distinguished position you need to keep your customers happy and build a lifetime relationship with them.
As with each passing day the market competition is getting even fiercer, the customer loyalty cannot be taken for granted.
Another way to understand the customer satisfaction is to consider yourself a customer. In a way, we are all customers.
Ask yourself these basic questions, “Why do you enjoy interacting with a particular company?”, “What makes you choose it over others?” and “Why would you want to return back again and again to a particular company?”
The whole point of asking yourself these questions is to understand how customer satisfaction can impact your business. Cherishing your customers becomes one of the most important tasks for you as a business holder, if you want an increased level of satisfaction for your customers.
The customer experience can serve as a powerful force for your business, sometimes even more influential than owning a product with enticing pricing and deliverable qualities.
According to a recent Market survey, it has been predicted that the percentage for competitive differentiation in the market due to customer satisfaction will be 89 percent by 2017.
It does seem like a significant number. We’ve also come across the fact that acquiring a new customer costs us 5 to 7 times more than retaining an existing customer.
So, in order to increase customer satisfaction levels for your business you need to cherish your customers well.
Here are a few revolutionary ways that will help you cherish your customers and leave a lasting impact on them.

Know your customers

We might have come across this many times but knowing your customer well, really helps in providing them a better level of customer satisfaction. You can initiate a great interaction with the customer to know more about them or to identify their wants and expectations from your business.
One of the best ways is to introduce personalization in your conversation with the customers. Customers love and cherish personalization. Go ahead and personalize a conversation along with including brief details of the last discussion you had with them.
Instead of just being generic and sending out bulk emails, tailor the experiences of your customer, based on the different segment of existing customers that you already have.
The more you break down your list, the more effective you will be in cherishing your customer.
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Treat every customer, as if they are your best customer

If you haven’t been focussing on this, it's time you start giving attention to each of your customer. Do you know what is the best part of all this?

Your best customers often buy more and their average purchase is two thirds greater than your other customers. Adding more, your best customers refer your business to others in a greater number. Knowing all this, it becomes essential that you respect your customer.  

Keep your customer informed about your products; this is yet another way of keeping your customer in the information loop. And just like you don’t forget to send greetings on your best friend’s birthday, don’t forget to cherish your customers by going an extra mile for them.

Send them birthday greetings, or ‘Thank you’ notes for a purchase that they made.
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Foresee your customer’s need

Do you think your task ends once a customer has made a purchase from your business?
If you want to cherish your customers and leave them with a positive impact of your business, you need to anticipate the needs of your customer.
For example, if you are selling a personal computer to your customer, ask the customer if they would need things like a docking station, an external hard drive or speakers for some great music experience.
The main focus is to not sell things in a predictable manner to your customers and increase the urge of a customer to buy more.
You can also fix a system maintenance appointment for your customer with your service department, to foster their needs and cherish them.
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Deliver consistently

One of the major problems faced by businesses is that, they provide an excellent customer service at one point of time while fail at the other. It is crucial to be consistent in delivering the needs of the customer in order to nurture the customer satisfaction levels.

Also, it does not matter to which department of your company does the customer speak to, the quality and eminence of the information that you let out should be the same.

In order to achieve this, communicate your quintessential values to the people in your company and make sure that they understand the values you are trying to deliver to your customer.

Display a sense of ownership

As a business no matter how hard to try to portray your image as perfect in front of your customers, mistakes are bound to happen. Avoiding responsibilities in such a case can leave you with a bad reputation.

Customer service is just like transparency in any business, it doesn’t matter how great you are, there is always a room for improvement. Instead of making false pledges, only make the promises that you can keep.

Consider the example of the company Legalzoom, that offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee to the customers along with a ‘peace of mind’ review to check the accuracy and authenticity of all the information.

The customers feel cherished to know that the business is reliable and the company can fix if anything wrong happens with the product.

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Thus, the key to differentiate your company among others in the market is to provide an excellent customer satisfaction by cherishing your customers.
Be your customer’s hero by giving them the attention and contentment, they deserve. Start with the baby steps and work until your customers feel appreciated.

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