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How to Build a Killer Relationship With Your Customers

The most appreciable and critical task for a business is to establish a healthy relationship with their customers. As an entrepreneur, you must have known what it feels like to have a loyal customer base that directly drives a considerable amount of revenue for your business.
Even market statistics reveal that the 80 percent of the company’s revenues are contributed by the top 20 percent of the loyal customers.
There are many other advantages of building a relationship with your customer. After all this is how you grow your presence and rapport in the market.

Ask for Feedback

Remember just like I said earlier, your job isn’t finished once you’ve finished closing the deal with the customer. It is the after sales pitch that makes a huge contribution to the company’s reputation. One of the best ways to make to successfully remain in touch with the customer or improve your performance as a business.
No matter if there is a positive or negative thought, the customer always has something to say. By asking for feedback related to the customer’s purchase you can tell your customer that you care about their response, even if it is negative.
This way you are portraying the fact that you are valuing your relationship with the customer. As a business feedbacks are important to let you know what the customers feel about your brand and the impact that the product has on them. You can take this as an advantage in order to learn and improve the customer experiences.
It is always advisable to listen to the customer’s comments carefully and respond to them wisely, no matter if it is a compliment or a complaint. Addressing the concern of your customer is as important as requesting them for feedbacks.
Remember that even negative feedbacks can be turned into positive experiences if addressed correctly by the business. In other words, help the customers solve their concerns about your products.

Communicate and Connect

The key to any good relationship is based on communication. It is an essential way to build customer relationships. With advancement in technology, there are even more ways to connect with the customers than ever before. This has opened many new arenas for establishing communication channels with the customer.
There are many online tools and social channels through which you can reach out to our customers. Make sure that you utilize this opportunity to connect with the customer through a two-way communication.
Do not just sit back and post updates about your product, instead ask your customers questions or their issues, and respond to their inquiries.
In other words, you can build a relationship with your online presence. So, as part of the communication, it also becomes important to listen to your customers that will also help you promote your online business. Not just as a business leader, but also promote good communication as instincts in your employees.
Because most of the time your employees will be dealing with most of your customers, make sure that they do not consider customer service a burden and remain happy to greet customers at all times.

Show Your Appreciation

Appreciation forms a special part of communication. Never miss a chance to appreciate your customer. Just as you would like to hear appreciation for yourself and it may also be pleasing will it sound for you, it works similarly for other people, especially your customers.
Customers will love it if you show your appreciation towards them with the help of small tokens. You can send them personalized thank you notes to show that you value your relationship with them.
Image Source: Help Scout
Another way is to appreciate your longtime loyal customers. Because your loyal customers are the ones to bring huge revenues for your business, they deserve appreciation in some form or the other. You can send your loyal customers special reward coupons or vouchers or personalized gifts.
Many businesses send their customer personalized calendar or mugs and have their logo printed on it. This way the customer can remember about the relationship with the business and it can also be a marketing strategy in other ways.
Other companies come out with loyalty programs to track their loyal customers and value them with appreciation.

Go an Extra Mile for Your Customer

As a business you will always have the choice to either settle for what’s going on or travel an extra mile for your customer. As your business grows you will have to decide whether to cater to your customer’s need specifically. This choice will make a difference between a killer customer relationship and an ordinary one.
Even though it might seem difficult for your company to come up with customer specific solutions, there are many benefits if you go out of the way to do so.
First, the customer is bound to remember the times you did extraordinary things for them or came through for them.
Second, it may also open up additional revenue streams and options that were hitherto unknown to your company profile. Gain the customer’s confidence by making them feel that you are willing to do things for them and come up with solutions to address their needs.
Treat every client as important and focus on providing a satisfying and happy customer experience for them. Because when you ask for referrals you might not know who your customers may refer to.
Happy customers are the best. They will not only cherish the business done with you but also recommend you to other potential leads.  This is why it is advised to not finish your job once  the sale has been made. It is the after sale services that matter the most.
For example, once you have made a sale, help them install the product and remain in touch with your customer to know if they are having any problem with your product or if they need help with the product manual.
Healthy customer relationships involve a lot of work and constant perseverance. It is not a job to be accomplished in one day, but a relation that needs to be fostered from time to time.
Always remember to respond promptly to your customers and learn from experiences to improve your performance to build a customer relationship.

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