Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How to Build Email List Fast to Increase Business Sales

Do you ever find yourself thinking about how to build a healthy email list quickly to boost the sales of your business?
Or are you the one who is responsible for managing the company’s email marketing subscriber list but do not find any certain method to accomplish the task?
Well, you are not alone! Analyzing various media reports, the most common issue that every email marketer find is evolving a rich email subscriber list. If you are also facing such issues, check-out and read this step-by-step ultimate guide for building an email list in the best way possible.


#1. Don’t Send Email without Permission

Desire to reach out maximum audience and, marketers often bypasses this rule. Every recipient gets to decide whether they want to receive your emails into their inbox or not.

Permission is something that not only reduces the chance of spamming your email but also builds strong mutual credibility between the recipient and the sender. So, protect your email campaign from being spammed and create an email list effectively.


#2. Do Employ Proper Details

It goes without saying, emails are easy to send but they are easy to ignore as well.
According to the reports, every email user gets more than 100 emails each day. In that case, actionable email or email with the proper subject line has a much better chance of catching the attention of the recipient.
So, try to make a proper headline for your email and be connected with the user for a longer time.


#3. Don’t Provide Hefty info in Email Content

Content is arguably the core part of any email marketing so marketers can’t afford to make mistake on this. Therefore, before you shoot any campaign make sure your content has relevant information for the recipient.

By giving them something of value, you can undoubtedly get more attention of those. The more they will notice your emails, the more they will get engaged and hence the more your email list will be strong.


#4. Do Put the Call to Action

The most common mistakes we often get to see with the email marketing campaign is, there isn’t any option of a call to action. The word in question here call-to-action basically is a text link or an image allowing your users to take an action as they want.

Apart from the related product links, open in a browser button, the call-to-action also includes subscribe and unsubscribe button for those who do and don’t want to be a part of your email campaign.

In case you won’t provide an “unsubscribe” option in your email, your valuable subscriber will start marking your further emails as spam to stop receiving those from you. This might lead your campaign to the negativity as well as minimize the email list.


#5. Don’t Forget to Give Options for Share and Forward

If you want your recipient to share and forward your email, add social sharing and forward to a friend buttons at the email footer. Including these facilities will help you to approach new subscriber in a very decent manner.

Also, there will be least chances of being spammed and unsubscribe from the one who gets this new email through their known one.


#6. Do Promote Online Contest

It’s human nature when a prize is at stake, audience shows more attention with an idea or product than that of the others. So, employing an online contest might be a great way to build a rich email marketing subscriber list.

Albeit, you should also consider some basic aspects such as contest promotion, prize, and promise before setting down any contest. This will let the contests to achieve more entries or sign up. Also, do promote your email contests on other social media platform.


#7. Don’t Miss the Chance of Getting Referrals

This is a part of email marketing strategies where you will need help from your subscriber with which you have built a better credibility with all the above-mentioned points. Whenever you get an opportunities to ask yours happy customers for the referrals, just do it.

However, asking for a referral can be uncomfortable if you are not clear on your request. So be specific in your request and you will get what you desire.


#8.  Do Revive an Old Email List

Reinvigorating a stale list doesn’t mean just to reach out an audience with a new offer. In fact, it can be the worst idea you ever try to revive an old email list.

Put aside all thoughts of promoting products and services and focus on re-connecting with them by simply sending engaging opt-in texts. Also, identify the recipients who haven’t subscribed your emails in past and remove them completely, as they will do nothing but increase spam complaints. This is how you can also revive an old email campaign.


#9.  Don’t Let Your Campaign Lose Sight Of Social Media

The use of social media platform becoming higher every day and hence we shouldn’t forget considering these for our email campaigns. Create a page on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to publicize an ebook or offer along with email subscribe submission facilities.

Apart from this, you can also use Facebook’s timeline scheme to promote your campaign. Also, make sure that you have added a social sharing box or link to the leading page.

#10. Do Make a Youtube Channel

With more than 100 million visitors every month, YouTube has become the most effective platform for promoting any business. Using YouTube channel for your business can be one of the best effective ways to grow your email campaign as well, in case you used the proper call-to-action and campaign’s URL in it.

Final Words

Almost every person, nowadays, is using an email address to fulfill their various personal and professional purpose. According to the reports available on the various media sources, the number of email users worldwide stands at nearly 2.6 billion.

In that case, building a rich email list is not so hard, all you need to do is provide your recipient of what they desire. Keeping all the factors in mind, we have mentioned above all the do and don't points that will help you to grow an email list. I hope, you will find these facts helpful.  

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