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How to be Google’s best friend this 2019

Before we go all nerdy and elaborate on the said topic, we'd like to wish you all a very happy, fruitful, and creative new year! May you find success personally, professionally, and digitally (we are here to help you there).
So yes, it's 2019 and we're excited like that kid who is dreaming of catching a big flying unicorn while chomping sweet candies (that's some excitement, isn't it?).
That unicorn for us and you is Google and keeping up with it is no child's play, to say the least. The way to Google's heart is through SEO and as we've been seeing from the last couple of years, it's getting quite intricate and harder to master the game.
Google compliance and search engine friendly
But as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Pune, here's what we've learned when it comes to SEO - good things come to those who wait and that you don't channel all your energy into snagging the top spot on Google but also work towards attracting relevant traffic.
As we said earlier, getting noticed on Google is becoming somewhat of a Gordian knot and to survive and get on Google's good books in 2019, here's what you need to set your sights on -

Understand and Use Google Correlate

In Google's universe of effective marketing tools, Correlate is relatively unheard of. It's not Google's latest plaything and has been around since 2011. Being a company that offers SEO services in Pune, we totally plump for it So for the uninitiated - Google Correlate is an ocean full of statistical data. It shows you keywords that correlate to the search term you type in.
It basically allows one to mine data that is similar to the search term or see correlations across time and geographies.
Many say that Google Correlate is the opposite of Google Trends, the main difference being that Google Correlate uncovers queries or patterns that produce keywords while Google Trend focuses on the keywords that generate patterns.
So, how do you use the data you get on Google Correlate to better your SEO strategy? Correlate will point you to keywords that aren't as ridiculously expensive or competitive as your purchase-intent keywords but are similar to your search term.
Picture this relatable scenario - you are off to a mall and looking for tea in the grocery section. You pick up the tea packet and toss it in your trolley; as you march ahead, you find yourself surrounded by tea-accessories like strainers, filters, coasters, honey dippers, teapot cozies, and the whole nine yards. If we are to fit this in our SEO equation, tea would make our competitive keyword, while strainers, coasters, etc. would be its correlative search results that you found on Google Correlate.
So if you are a tea brand, you should definitely be pursuing the buyer-intent keyword, you, however, SHOULD also bid on these related keywords. While bidding on the words that are around your industry may not lead to conversions right away, they will do so eventually, which is GOOD!
If you create information-rich blogs related to these search terms, you will be reaching those who DO research before buying. Google Correlate also offers you insights into consumer psychology and mindset, which is super essential to any marketer in the world!
Be the digital equivalent of Miss Congeniality

Be the digital equivalent of Miss Congeniality

Yes, you read that right. To make it seem less ambiguous, you need to focus on building goodwill, which you will as you focus on growing your brand. Because Google digs brands, which translates into higher search traffic. So what do you do then?
Be genuine. Be helpful. Be there for your customers. Brands that genuinely care about their audiences don't just win their customers’ hearts but also Google's.
Take the time and pain to respond to your audience's queries. Delve deep and write blog posts that offer a new perspective or viewpoint to problems commonly encountered in your industry.
Create awesome video content, even if the first few ones will be awkward but you will get a hang of it and get better. Put your videos on Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn and see the change in your brand perception yourself.

Big data to enhance website design

In addition to providing SEO and digital marketing services, we are also a web design company in Pune - that's been helping businesses drive revenue and draw 'oohs and aahs' in Pune. We know how crucial it is for our web team to be in the know of the big developments that are happening in the world of big data as the insights help us better understand what features users are receiving well or how they are interacting with the existing designs.
Tools such as heat maps, traffic analysis, and search analysis provide a treasure trove of information. These specialized tools are designed specifically to interpret the BIG DATA as just having access to humongous information makes no sense, if you can't make a sense out of it.
Big data to enhance website design

So that's it, folks. Stick to these basic tenets for 2019 and pave the way for a successful year!

If you are looking for the best digital marketing company in Pune to enhance your online presence, please feel free to call us +91 88888 66110 or email us at and someone from our team will get in touch with you pronto!

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