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How to avoid losing Leads through Virtual Receptionist (IVR)

As a business owner, you are entitled to a lot of responsibilities like managing your employees, overlooking the business pattern, analyzing the business statistics etc.
In other words, overcoming challenges is one of the major tasks on a day to day basis for any business owner. However, statistics suggest that only half of the businesses in the market make it past the first four years of their initial start up, out of which only 40% remain profitable.
With such an extensive competition in the market, you need to look for the best alternatives available that will help you sustain your business in the market along with providing you an edge over the others.
One of the basic assets that any business needs for success is customer retention. Customers form the backbone of your company’s success. Usually, it is the customer service department from your business that makes a firsthand contact with the customer, through a telephone call.
Obviously, no business would like to lose their customer calls. Though, handling a huge bulk of phone calls requires a large infrastructure along with a big budget. But there is less to worry, with the technology coming to your rescue.
Interactive Voice Responses or IVRs are the next levels of your customer satisfaction experience. Also, for businesses that can’t afford full-time representatives and receptionists, IVR and the concept of a virtual receptionist can be of great help.
Virtual receptionists are call answering services that are fully automated. It does a multiple numbers of tasks without getting tired. Virtual receptionist helps you in answering calls, making appointments and bookings, call forwarding and delivering messages in a hassle free manner, which would have otherwise required many full-time employees.
It acts as a premium answering device that will take care of your calls using the methods of your choice. In short, a virtual receptionist is a solution to all your customer service issues.
Using virtual receptionists for your business will ensure that every single lead finds a way to your company with an increased level of customer satisfaction. Your prospects and leads look for a higher level of customer experience so that they stick with you in the future.
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Here are a few ways by which a virtual receptionist will help you get leads and contribute to the growth of your business:

After working hour leads

Your business doesn’t sleep when you do. In terms of metaphor, your business does not have any fixed working hours. You might end the work for the day and leave for home but your potential customers and your company carry on existing in the market.
Virtual receptionist helps accomplish the task of getting leads when you are not physically present at your business. Leads might call back for enquiries, even after your work hours are over. Now, if you are using virtual receptionist for your business you can relax and let it attend the calls for you.
Virtual receptionists are always available at work and take care of your business 24*7. According to the market statistics, 75 percent of the calls made to small businesses remain unanswered. This means that the small businesses are losing the connectivity with their clients.
Thus, by hiring a virtual receptionist for your business you make sure that you reach out to all your leads and do not lose any business. Your existing and potential customers will feel content and appreciate your efforts put in, to listen to their concerns.

Flooding leads

It can be seen that most of the times, even when you are working to your full potential, customer calls come overflowing.
Sometimes customers have to wait in long queues for their calls to connect to the respective representative, leaving them frustrated.
80 percent of the callers who reach voice mails do not leave a message and neither do they call back. This leaves a feeling of inconvenience to the customers. (Forbes)
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Having a virtual receptionist at this point of business ensures an efficient management of your lead calls. Your calls are always answered during and after your business hours.
Customers sense professionalism and a feeling of warmth by hearing a friendly voice when calling for assistance. Thus, all the necessary customer information is collected easily along with making a great first impression.

Relevant time utilization

You might not have the time to plan strategies for your business if you are busy taking calls. You receive notices with messages and get to stay in touch with what’s happening around your business.
With the assistance of a virtual receptionist, all your calls are taken care of. Meanwhile, you can utilize that time to plan strategies and prioritize other important company issues. And things down your priority list can be assigned to dedicated departments in your business.

Portraying a professional image

A virtual receptionist does the job of representing your company in front of your customers.
It also leaves a good impression in the eyes of the customer. On one hand it takes your customer’s message and on the other hand, it relays it to the relevant person in your organization.
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Toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers make your marketing campaign more effective and budget friendly since it allows business to advertise simultaneously on various platforms. Your toll free number can help you consistently advertise in television, radio, newspaper, all at the same time.
Adding more to the strategy, businesses can put up their toll free numbers on their websites, billboards etc to get leads from various sources. You can also integrate your virtual receptionist along with your toll free number to ensure every lead is taken care of and ready to be acted upon.
In the world of instant change and ever increasing competition, there is a chance of being swept away if your strategy is not helping you get leads. But some simple technology tools combined with your efforts are definite to secure a home run.
So, give yourself the best possible chance of securing your leads, by hiring a virtual receptionist.

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