Tuesday, 5 November 2019

How to Attract the People Naturally Eager to Do Business With You

Attracting people towards your business and making them eager to do business with you is for sure a difficult task nowadays. There is a number of competitors standing before you to grab those people. In such case, how to save them for your business is a complicated question.

Yes! It is not that easy, but believes me not that tough as well. With the booming in the usage of the Internet, everything has become very simple so that it is. People can open a company's website and can take the decision in seconds, whether to do business with it or not.

There is an old saying that, “People are the most valuable asset.”

But I would like to add to this and rephrase it as - “The right People are your most valuable asset.”

People who’re not fit for your business will only create chaos. They are right people only who can lead your business to the highest level you have imagined.

So, let’s talk about some of the ways through which you can attract the right people towards your business.

Delivering good products/services and engaging customers won’t be found listed here because I think there are much more important tactics that various businesses are struggling to deal with.

1. Rephrase Your Culture

For some People, this point would be completely worthless.

Yes of course!

If you need to attract people from where this culture concept came. But, have you ever thought that who are these people you want to attract to?

They are none other than your customers and your employees.


Anything going on in your business is followed by your employees, getting experienced by your customers and very closed getting watched by your clients. So, everything is revolving around your culture.

Do you like going to a Driving License office? No?

Nobody does.

When I go there I feel myself as nothing else than a number. If I would give a chance not to visit that place and they will renew my license and will complete my office works.

Trust me! I will never visit that place. Who would like to go and sit in a place for hours where your presence doesn’t matter. The environment of that place, its culture is affecting me as a customer. So, if you want to get attached to more and more human assets, start following a culture which can maintain positivity in your business.


2. Create Leaders And Do Power Mapping

The easiest way to attract people is to create perfect and strong leaders for your business. But it is very depressing that nowadays business owners they want to make their company world-class but they forget that it needs world-class leadership too. They judge the capability of their leaders in terms of numbers and targets and not their strategy and ability.

But, when you’ll push your leaders and give them a space to show their ability, your employees will follow and people will notice. Now coming to Power Mapping, for any company it is very important to first understand that whom they are trying to target.

As advocates who try to influence legislators to vote in a certain way to create a mapping of the connections whom the legislators listen to them carefully and try to convey the message indirectly from them. Same like that, if you know whom you have to target, but not able to find any direct connections to do that, start power mapping for the connections they have with their bloggers and social presence and then attack.

3. Push Your Digital Marketing

That was a time when you wanted to hire someone and for that, you used to give an ad in newspaper 10-15 days before and after 10-15 days you all you'll get are two or three applicants.

Now, all you need is to understand what to do you actually want.

You want to hire someone, flash a social media ad and you will be back with dozens of applications lying on your table. You want to boost your sale throw a social media and email campaign and you’ll reach to your audience. Digital Marketing is not only helping in reaching people, but also very effectively helping in filtering out those who we don’t need.

So, if you want to attract people to your business, you have to go to the place where people are actually present and this can be done by Digital marketing only.

4. Understand The Power Of Content

People will remember you only if you’ll make them remember you. Nobody is free and everybody has an option. Always keep in your mind, if not you then someone else. Attracting people is not that tough as keeping them attracted for always.

If you want to grab people’s interest and don’t want them to return back from you them all you have to do it to keep them entertaining.

  • Check out your audience.
  • Analyze their interest.
  • Provide them more insights into their interested topic.
In business, you have to give some free sparkling features to people if you want them to come behind you either it would be a buy one get one offer or a free knowledge.
The most attracting thing in the world of business is the word- Free. Use this concept of free while sharing knowledge. There are a huge number of businessmen are using this technique. So, tie your lace and prepare yourself for the battleground of business where knowledge speaks.


Business runs for people and with people. It is very important to think about your products and services, but never forgets “the right people asset” mantra we talked in the starting. There can be a lot many ways to attract people but for those ways, you have to dig the interest of the people who actually attach to your business.

  • Check who are the people attached to your business
  • What do they want from you?
  • Where can you find them?
  • Why they are or why they want to get attached to you?

Answering these 4 questions will solve all your problems related to people in your business.


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