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How to Ask Your Clients For Client Testimonials?

As a company offering video production services in Pune from the last 19 years, we often get asked by our clients how they can get their clients to give them a testimonial! It's moments like these when we wonder how life does come a full circle! There are times when we are in the shoes of a service provider, then there are those when we are the client—in whichever role we are, we can't stress enough on having a video testimonial.
Video testimonials are nothing short of a gift, you see. They are an acknowledgment, a vote of confidence from your clients who have had positive experiences of using your product/service—words of veracity, words of worth that will hold more weight than your own claim and promises.
Well, before we dive into it, let us let you that client testimonials are hard to come by. In times like these, where brand allegiance keeps changing due to the number of players in the market, people are vocal about their experiences. Should they be disappointed or disgruntled about your brand or service, they will not only refuse for a testimonial but will write about their negative opinion they have formed about you on social media—which, there's no saying, isn't something you'd ever want to be written about you!
So here's the thing—don't go overboard with promises, under-promise—it's always good to do your product/service do all talking and knock the socks off the users. Focus on delivering because once you do—rest assured—a good testimonial will arrive like a breeze!
Here are some tips on how to ask your clients for a video testimonial—

Tip #1: Timing is everything

As they say, strike while the iron is rod—when it comes to asking your clients for testimonials, determining the correct timing is everything. This means that you can neither ask for it before they have started seeing positive results themselves or can't approach them for the same after 6 months of working. The perfect timing would be immediately after you have delivered on your promises.
Pet peeve: Asking for a testimonial is cool but insisting your clients on giving you more ratings (if you have a system) or constantly mentioning to say good things about you is off-putting. When a client agrees for a testimonial, they know what they have to so—they may ask for a script or some guidance to do it but dictating what they ought to speak is petty.
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Tip #2: Go for those who will be more than willing to share their experiences

While it's good to be positive, and hope that all your clients will agree for a client testimonial, the truth is—not all of them will be ready. So it's always better to start off with those who have been working with you for years or have forged a good professional relationship. These are the ones who will genuinely have good things to talk about you and the fact that they have stuck with you for years also adds to your credibility!

Tip #3: If something doesn't click, ask for a reason and work on it

Even the clients you were more than sure would give you a video testimonial may not be game for it—perhaps there was an issue, a tiny bit of something that was left unresolved. If that's the case, make sure you go the extra mile to set it straight. Grievances when responded to and resolved upon—turn into happy experiences and when that happens, your clients will readily give you their testimonial.

Tip #4: Tell them how it all works

Many a time it's the fear of getting in front of the camera that can dissuade a client from sharing a testimonial. After all, not all of us are comfortable being in front of the camera. Sometimes, a video testimonial can also feel time-consuming. Whatever the scenario—you need to explain to your clients what process you follow. Tell them you are flexible and can send your team to their office to do the needful. If time is a constraint—assure them otherwise. Email them a questionnaire so that they have time to practice, ask them if they need help with the script, etc. Make the process as painless as possible.

Tip #5: Explain to them the benefits of a testimonial

At the end of the day, all of us can use free publicity and testimonials are one way of it! Explain to your clients where all you intend to shoot their testimonials and make a strong case for how they shouldn't miss out on a publicity opportunity like that.
So if you are looking for a video production company in Pune that will work closely with you to create the best client testimonial videos, hit us up TODAY! Feel free to call us +91 88888 66110 or email us at and someone from our team will get in touch with you pronto!

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