Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How Social Media Platforms Can Help You to Generate Leads

What’s the first thing you do after waking up?

Take a sip of coffee or head to the gym?

No, it doesn't feel accurate right?  

Well, you got to believe this as soon as we open our eyes the first thing we do is pick our phone and check our social media accounts. It may seem alarming,  but this is how it is.

Welcome to 21st Century! The entangled web of social media has wrapped every individual inside it. Social media is one big platform where any piece of news spreads faster than fire.

Well, big thanks to technological advancements that sharing on a worldwide platform has become a piece of cake. Digital marketing has offered us some powerful weapons which can create wonders if used rightly.

One massive shark of the social media ocean is “Facebook”. It has become one big time addiction amongst users. Facebook is one wide platform on which millions of people are associated from a 12-year-old teen kid to a septuagenarian.

This is the power of social media!

You can easily share your pictures, videos and moments with your friends in a few clicks. Interacting with friends and family has become way too easy.

Why Is Social Media Important for a Business?

Not just for individuals, Social media plays a crucial role in a business development as well.

It gives the owners great chance to widen their exposure and increase user reachability. First and foremost, you need to understand that Facebook is a two-way platform for communication. One big advantage of social media marketing is that you get to see instant results like whether you’re doing good or is there still some chance for improvement.

Feedback is one essential part of marketing. We’re all aware that the ultimate goal for any business is to serve customers. Right? Social media helps a business to achieve instant feedbacks and see where they actually rank amongst competitors.

Sean Gardner (@2morrowknight), perfectly sums up the advantage of social media here:
“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence.”

4 Ultimate Goals of Facebook Marketing


“Success is something which cannot be achieved overnight. You need to have patience and of course dedication to your work. “

Same goes for Facebook as well!

Before knowing what to do, you need to know the reason that why you’re doing it. It’s easier to succeed when you give yourself a target to aim at. Hence, the first and most prior task for a marketer is to identify his target audience. It helps to know who you’re talking to before starting a conversation.

Knowing who your audience is on Facebook, however, can be one big challenge. But once you achieve this then your path towards success is well-defined.

1. Brand Awareness

So what exactly brand awareness means?

Brand Awareness simply refers to the extent to which users or consumers are familiar with your product and services. Like when we see an Audi car on the road, we don’t even take a minute to recognize it. Those flawless four circled tangled rings are enough to make us realize that it’s an Audi.
(Image Courtesy: Pixabay)
This refers to brand awareness, where not the name, but the brand speaks for itself. As Facebook is one giant platform where millions of users are connected, a business can use this platform for setting up an authorized brand image for your products and services.

2. Lead Generation

You may have heard about “Word of mouth publicity” often known as WOM, which used to be one of the fastest forms of marketing. Well, you may be surprised to know, but Facebook is even more rapid than WOM advocacy. As millions of users from every corner of the world are connected on Facebook, the lead generation process gets quite simplified.

3. Drive Traffic

It isn’t enough to just post content on Facebook. You need to tie down your Facebook marketing performance to actual business goals. Posting content is not the only task, generating a good amount of traffic to your original website is what tends to be the ultimate end result for a business.

4. Customer Service

Adding a human touch to each and every single post can help to create a thriving Facebook page full of super fans. One of the ways to do this is finding time for customer interaction.

You can do this by indulging in comments and finding time for user’s queries. Change things up a bit and share details about your experiences and everyday life.

So these were the four prime basic goals that can turn your Facebook page into a success story.

Instagram: The New Talk of Town


A couple of years back Instagram had no sign or fame. But now it doesn’t even need an introduction, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms amongst users.

Earlier Instagram was only home to professional photographers and a bunch of artists. But now it is as essential as Facebook. Now that Instagram has over 600 million monthly users (even more than Twitter), many brands and business are finding ways to interact with the Instagram community and increase their followers who keep coming back to their business for more.

The Hash Tag Trend

Although, the hashtag was originally introduced by Twitter, but Instagram is the only place where it is widely used by users. Instagram’s social nature and community constantly work to increase the more intangible aspects of marketing like buyer loyalty, brand equity, and lifetime user value.

Let’s understand these points:

Buyer Loyalty: Buyer loyalty, also known as customer loyalty is basically the tendency of favoring one brand’s products and services over the other.

Brand Equity: You may have often heard this phrase in the marketing industry. In simple reference brand equity refers to the commercial value of the brand rather than their product and services.

Lifetime User Value:  Lifetime User value also referred as Lifetime Customer value i.e LCV is a mere prediction of how much net profit a business can drive from a particular customer, like what will be his lifetime contribution from a business point of view.

By planning the best Instagram Marketing Strategies for your business, you can engage with users on a global platform. If you establish a good social media reach for your business, then nothing can stop the customers from coming to you. With the help of a perfect marketing strategy, a business can easily generate leads through social media platforms.

Always remember, Social Media is not the subset of Internet, Social Media is the “Internet”!

Thank You for reading this post!

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