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'How a Pleasant Gesture Like "Thank You" Can Foster Your Business'

Last Sunday, I subscribed to one of the premium plans of my telephone service provider. After offering free plans for a long time, the company was now sending regular messages to the customers to continue those benefits by subscribing to one of the plans.
Once I was finished subscribing, I received three months free subscription with a couple of vouchers for future purchases. But there was more to come.
I also got a personalized message from the company that read, “Thank you for being a founding member of the change. We are glad to have you aboard” this imparted a great deal of optimism and I had a sense that the company actually cared for me as a customer.

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These statements are just form of gestures that make your customer feel at home. And because of this, I have something special to remember about the purchase.
In this era, where competition is inevitable, the companies are spending money even more than before to come up with new marketing strategies in order to attract the customers. This is one good thing but more than that it is a matter of behaviour that helps turn a new customer to a regular one.
Adding more, even Disney employees are trained in a way to make little things in each customer’s life 1 percent better. After all it is all about making the customer experience better and satisfying.


So, instead of spending huge amount of money, there are a few inexpensive gestures to incorporate in your behaviour that will help you flourish and foster your business.

Be Humble With Your Customers

Customers love your products and the experiences related to them. If you want to create a good experience with the customer, you need to work hard on it.
One of the basic gestures to follow is to remain humble and listen to what your customer has to say. You will certainly not appreciate a person who keeps on bossing you all the time.
You are bound to feel that it is probably useless speaking to that person, who is not actively listening to your concern.
Being an entrepreneur is a tough job but you also need to slow down on your bossing nature. It is necessary to listen to your customer so that they feel you are genuinely interested in assisting them. The key to building a sense of trust in any relationship is authenticity.
So, even if you screw up a situation, go ahead and gently accept it. Unless you possess your real self and be humble while dealing with customers, they won’t come back to you in future.
Even if you hear a question for the first time, instead of saying that you’ve never heard of it before, use phrases like, “Great question, let me check our documentation so I can get that answered for you.”
Being a great listener requires patience and and perseverance. But it is also bound to earn you respect from the customer.


Lend A Helping Hand

The customer might not always come up to you and ask for help. It is your duty to make them realize that you are there to take care of their issues.
Simply smile and offer your service to the customer. Smile marks the beginning of an understandable and healthy customer relationship.
Shirlene Lopez who is the CEO of a Mexican restaurant chain Del Taco tells that "Customers will remember how they are acknowledged when they enter a place of business.”
Use phrases like ‘Happy to help’ when closing the conversation with the customer. I’ve seen many business representatives bid farewell to the customer by saying ,"Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. I'm happy to help." This way you are making the customer realize that you are there to take care of any lingering concerns, even if it consists of small questions.

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Personalize Your Customer Service

How can you convey that your company is customer focussed? You can easily do so by personalizing your customer service. Start with addressing your customer by their names.
It’s a great way to establish a friendly rapport with your customers and initiate the foundation of a long lasting relationship. Using your customer’s name shows that you’ve paid attention to them.
It reflects the fact that they are important to you and helps them remember you as well. Dale Carnegie said, “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” It turns out to be true with customers.
While addressing the customers by their names, the business representatives should introduce themselves as well. Using the customer’s name makes them like you more while using your name in a conversation with the customer helps in making the interaction a bit personal and trustworthy.
According to various brain researches, it is found that different areas of the brain are stimulated, unlike anything else, when people hear their names.
Thus, addressing your customers by their names is a great technique of customer retention as it will endear them to continue to work with you.


Start Talking To Your Customers

The basis of any relationship is communication. Start talking to your customers so that you understand their needs. Initiate by simple gestures like, ‘How are you today?’ or ‘How is your day going?’
A conversation that usually starts like this encourages a good exchange of thoughts and leaves the customer with something to remember about you.
Greeting your customers warmly is another way of building a loyal and satisfied customer base. But do not pretend to be over generous as it can send out a negative message.
According to Sam Walton, “There is only one boss—the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”
So, as you talk to the customer don’t forget your manners and talk like you do in real life, instead of a computerised language.
For example, let's say your customer puts up a question regarding one of the posts on your blog. Instead of answering in a straightforward solution, try to get involved in a conversation with the customer.


You can also send your customers handwritten notes or greetings on special occasions like Thanksgiving.
According to a market survey, the top 20 percent of your loyal customers drive 80 percent of your business. You can focus on these 20 percent to make a lasting impact.

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Every time a customer approaches you, make them feel that you are pleased to serve them. Always end your conversation with a note of thanks and an invitation to return.
A good conversation with the customer would make sure that they actually remember you and return back in future. Make sure to keep your conversation positive with a good choice of vocabulary.
A satisfied and happy customer is the one to stay loyal and helps you foster your business.

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