Friday, 1 November 2019

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost for Your Online Business?

Website Maintenance Cost

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Wondering why you need to regularly maintain or update your website? It is for the same reason why you should regularly service your bike or car. Because if you don’t, the life and performance of your vehicle will decrease drastically over time. However, website maintenance is a little trickier than that.
Importance of Website Maintenance
  • Only a well-maintained and regularly updated website can preserve the interest of your existing customers and bring new customers.
  • Search engines like Google prefer to rank websites with updated and fresh content higher in search results.
  • Your website is an online image of your business. Keeping it fresh, attractive and well-maintained is the key to improving your brand reputation online.
  • Things To Be Covered Under Website Maintenance

    Maintaining a website is almost equally important as building a website in the first place, or even more in some cases. But what does it involve and how frequently should you update your website? Let’s figure out.
    Some people might think that website maintenance is only about identifying and removing bugs that appear over time, but it is not exactly true. Website maintenance comprises a lot of things, as explained below.
    Check for Security Vulnerabilities
    This involves scanning the complete website, including the code and database, for security threats that may have appeared over time or have remained during the initial development.
    Bug Fixes
    In this, you need to test your site for bugs, errors such as broken links, etc., and fix them accordingly.
    Speed and Compatibility Testing
    Site speed is an important factor for Google ranking as well as optimal user experience. Remove unwanted content, graphics, JS code, etc., to speed up your site. Also, check the compatibility of your site for browsers, mobile, etc.
    Software Update
    Regularly update your site for the latest software version to ensure proper security and functionality.
  • Website Maintenance Cost at SAG IPL:
    • Hourly Rate – $5-$15
    • Monthly Rate – $500-$1500
    • 24/7 Website Maintenance Cost (Monthly Rate) – $1,000-$3,000
    Most of the web development companies provide maintenance services as a part of their overall package, so you can save on cost by choosing that as well.
    Other than the above-mentioned charges, you may have to pay extra for the following related services:
    • Recurring hosting cost – $10-$100 per month
    • Domain (renewal) cost – $15 a year
    • Security (SSL) – $50 a year
    • Backups – $5-$50 a year
    • Content updates – $5-$15 per hour
    • SEO maintenance – $5-$15 per hour
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