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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Developer or a Web Designer

How to Hire a Professional Wix Expert
Web building technologies are evolving. Creating websites from scratch without special skills is easier than ever before considering drag-and-drop platforms in addition to popular CMS such as WordPress or Joomla. At the same time, website owners might still have essential reasons to hire web designers and developers, as only true professionals are able to implement features to make your project sparkle.
Having a brilliant idea is not enough. Proper implementation, engaging design, and back-end are necessary to let your website attract the right audience and make them interact. It does not matter if you need some slight changes and modifications of the existing website or develop an individually customized project from scratch, you may require the assistance of professional designers or developers depending on the goals.
This article is to highlight the key steps of hiring a pro as well as the price range for their services. You will find out who you actually need to complete a particular task, as well as things to watch out when hiring a pro, and how much he or she may cost you.

Web Developer vs Web Designer: What’s the Difference

Before we dive deep into figures and price tags, let’s clarify who you actually need. There is a common delusion that web designers and developers actually do the same thing. Well, it is false. Each specialization requires different skills and approaches. Developers and designers use different instruments and have opposite issues to master.
Web Developer vs Web Designer

What is a Web Designer?

The term “designer” means a person generally deals with the visual appearance of the website. Of course, modern web design trends establish higher standards to what we call UI/UX. At the same time, the idea is still the same. A professional web designer may help you with creating logos, icons, and buttons for the website.
Designers are supposed to know a variety of graphics concepts. They work with different color collocations, prototyping, editing, designing, etc. It requires knowing some advanced designer tools to follow the latest trends.

Tools Used by Web Designers

As it was mentioned before, web designers mainly deal with visual and graphic instruments including Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop, and many others. You should look them up in the designer’s resume to make sure a candidate knows how to work with at least baseline tools. Additional skills like working with various prototyping platforms (UXPin or Mockplus) will be a huge advantage.

What Is a Web Developer?

Apart from designers, web developers rarely care about the way your website looks like. What they do care about is the site’s implementation and the way all elements are running. A professional web developer deals with coding and programming. Essential skills also include scripts, files’ editing, front-end development, etc.
The main mission is to write a clear code that will make your site run smoothly on various devices under different circumstances. You may need a developer to resolve some technical issues as well as for debugging.

Tools Used by Web Developers

Apart from front-end development technologies and programming languages like CSS, HTML or JavaScript, professional developers should also know how to work with different IDE software. As a rule, they include popular programs such as Sublime or WebStorm. Experience in working with extra frameworks like Bootstrap or JQuery would also be a huge plus in favor of the candidate.
The more skills a candidate has the better although it will result in a higher cost.

How to Hire a PRO with Success (5 Simple Steps)

So, now you may easily decide whom you actually need to work with the website. You know the difference between web designers and developers. It is high time we got started with the essential steps to hire a pro. Further, we will answer 5 baseline questions:
  1. What to Look for?
  2. Where to look for?
  3. How to identify a pro?
  4. Local or Freelancer?
  5. How to interview?
The answers to the questions are actually 5 steps on your way to hiring a real expert.

Step #1 – Define the Competence

Now when you clearly understand the difference between developers and designers, you know exactly what you need to complete the task. Good for a start. Now you need to narrow down the search and look for a candidate with the skills you need.
For example, you have a WordPress theme with a knit and clear design. You have a custom logo with accurate dimensions in various formats and need to place it in the header. What can be easier than that? You go to Appearance and upload the image to the header section. However, the logo has not displayed the way you expected. It breaks the entire homepage structure while the mobile version is nothing but a disaster.
This is where you might need the developer’s assistance to work with the code and edit some of the homepage sections to settle the logo so that it would look like on the right place with all blocks displayed correctly on both desktop and mobile device. You will hardly need an expert with years of the back-end development to complete the task. Vice versa. If you need to set a script for an automated pop-up contact form that sends personalized offers, you should never hire a novice developer.

Step #2 – Define the Platform

The second stage is to decide where to find a pro. It depends on your decision whether to hire a freelancer or local experts. We will discuss the difference a bit further. As for the platforms, you may opt for huge and trusted portals like Upwork as well as surf the net in search of the local company. For example, hosts millions of remote workers while only in the United States over 56.7 million people work as freelancers.

Step #4 – Identify the Pro

Do not be afraid to ask a candidate to show his or her portfolio. Check the profile thoroughly to find out what tools and skills a candidate has. Compare it with the list of tools we described earlier. Reviews from previous customers might also come in handy especially if you opt for local web development or design team.

Step #4 – Local or Freelancer?

Are freelancers really a good option? Or maybe it is better to opt for full-cycle local agencies? Each option has some hits and misses.
Hits They establish lower rates if compared to local studios and firms.
 You are free to negotiate the price directly with the person you hire.
 No third parties or intermediaries interfere with the collaboration process.
 No commissions for the brand name or useless services you do not need.
 Freelancers might be a faster and cheaper alternative in case you have some emergencies or small issues to resolve right here right now.
 Opting for local web studios and firms is a good option in case you want to feel totally secure.
 As a rule, they include full-cycle companies with Agile Methodology letting you track the entire process from start to finish.
 Both sides typically sing a contract with all statements and terms including deadlines, work scope, and other critical points.
Misses At the same time, you should be prepared for some risks, as you are not able to take control over the remote candidate.
 There are no guarantees he or she will accomplish the task on time.
 Moreover, there is a risk of hiring unfair designers or developers who are only aimed at taking money from potential customers.
 You do not sign any agreement, which means you are not protected in terms of jurisdiction.
 High price tags are the main drawback.
 Local companies usually charge more if compared to freelancers.
 Moreover, you might need to wait if the team is uploaded with work.
 There is s still a risk a chosen candidate will not handle the task.
Freelancers are good for some small assignments like drawing a logo, correcting the existing code or implementing a simple script. They might be a good remedy in case of the urgent task while local companies are better for more complicated assignments requiring in-depth web designing or developing experience.

Step #5 – Interview

Get ready with a list of baseline questions. Ask a candidate about his or her experience. Try to find out as much as possible about the level of competence. The following questions may be useful:
  1. What tools are you going to use to complete the task?
  2. Have you ever done this before?
  3. If yes, can you show some examples?
  4. Can you provide a brief summary of the actions you are going to take?
  5. How long will it take?
  6. How will we get in touch?
  7. Should I pay in advance?
Interview several candidates and compare their answers. Do not rush to choose the one with the lowest rates. Make sure a developer or designer meets your requirements.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Developer

The first thing you need to figure out is whether you are going to pay a fixed price or hourly rates. Both concepts have some obvious drawbacks and advantages depending on your particular situation. The choice will mainly depend on the complexity of your task.

Fixed Price or Hourly Rates?

Hourly pays are better for small projects that do not require more than a week to accomplish. Let’s say, you are hiring a professional web developer to customize your CMS. The process is not a challenge for an expert. He or she will make fewer errors with no extra time for debugging. For this reason, there is no point in paying a fixed price.
On the other hand, less experienced developers might need more time. They are more likely to make some mistakes, while revisions might also be necessary. In this case, the fixed price looks like a better option.
For large and time-consuming projects, fixed fees seem to be the ultimate option. Even experienced developers may come across difficulties while errors are likely to occur. At the same time, complicated projects might require additional A/B testing or prototyping.
So, what about the costs? The price tag may range from $41 to $160 per hour. However, you may still find cheaper options. For instance, Upwork’s top-rated developers are available starting from $38 per hour. Once again, the final cost will depend on the project complexity:
  • Simple One-Page Site with a few elements starts will cost you up to $40 per hour.
  • CMS adjustment to your platform is about $40 per hour.
  • Building a fully customized website from scratch is about $50-$75 per hour.
Local development teams usually charge fixed prices that may range from $1,000 for a simple small business website to $100,000 for a functional digital store with your custom CMS.

How Much Is It to Hire a Web Designer

Web designing costs have increased over the years. It appears to bring much value to the project, as a solid web design ensures users’ engagement as well as interaction with your potential customers. For this reason, you need to be ready to pull out a couple of hundreds out of the wallet.

Freelance Web Designer Costs

A good and experienced designer will charge you from $20 for several logo samples, favicon or icons to $5,000 for a full site web design or redesign. At the same time, you may find an experienced graphic designer for less than $30 per hour. Once again, Upwork offers a list of best-rated web designers starting from $25 per hour with all necessary skills and tools to create logos, printed designs, web animations, etc.

Design Agency Costs

  • The basis will cost you from around $3,000 (you provide mockups and get finished design).
  • Standard assistance will cost you about $10,000 including several versions of the high-level design concept.
  • If you need a website fully designed for you, get ready to pay from $16,000 for a full-service offer that may include both design and branding sprint.

The Bottom Line

The digital landscape is changing and evolving rapidly. Websites are no longer the same as several years ago. Web designing and development tools are also improving. At the same time, premium-class site requirements are also higher than ever before. For this reason, you might need an expert with enough techniques and improved tools to bring your idea to life.
Putting the price of your future project into the main perspectives is vital. On the other hand, you need to be 100% sure, a chosen candidate brings good value for money. While remarkable developers and designers command enormous prices, there are still some cheaper options to find an experienced specialist. Consider the risks, compare and contrast several alternatives, keep an eye on the budget, and stay focused on the points that are of core importance for the project’s success.

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