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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Web App with Python?

Cost to Build Web App with Python

Are you looking for the cost that is generally associated with building a web appl using the python? If yes, then you are the right place, but before we start discussing the cost required for web app development, let’s get familiar with this wonderful and unique programming language called Python.
Python is a general-purpose programming language, which is also easy-to-use, fast, and a go-to-choice of most of the programmers across the globe when it comes to web application development. Python first appeared on the programming landscape in 1989 thanks to the relentless efforts made by Guido Van Rossum, who has also worked with some other tech giants like Google and Dropbox.
Since its origin, Python has taken long leaps while moving forward in the programming arena, whether it is related to system programming, internet scripting, rapid prototyping, or web application development. Too many technical jargons at one place, right? Let’s try to simplify things.
Python has seen incredible growth in the past few years and is also considered as the fastest-growing language in most developed and developing countries for web application development by programming society due to two primary reasons: ease-of-use and availability of an array of web-development frameworks like Django.
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So, what will you get to know while moving forward in this article? Well, after reading the article, you will know all you need to know about Python, including why it should be your first-place choice for web application development, cost to build a web app with Python, and the factors affecting the final price. Too much information to absorb, right? Don’t worry, things will simplify as you move ahead.

Why Is Python A Good Choice For Web Application Development?

A lot of reasons exist for Python being the real gem and a go-to-choice for programmers when it comes to developing web applications. Let’s try to understand this one step at a time.
Python, unlike other general-purpose programming languages, provides a variety of micro and advanced web development frameworks like Django, Flask, and Plone, which simply makes it a popular choice among code geeks for web app development.
Adding to this, Python’s standard library used for general purpose programming functions supports a lot of internet protocols like JSON, HTML, and XML, which kind of makes it easier to integrate the developed application with the internet.
A trivia for Python fans, the world’s most popular search engine Google uses Python for developing its internet applications like Google web crawler.
Here is a list of some unique features that give Python an edge over other programming languages when it comes to web development:
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Open-Source Platform
  • Availability of an array of web frameworks like Django
  • Support for Internet protocols like XML
  • Object Oriented and Flexible
  • Extensive Library Support
  • Cost-Effective
  • Support for Machine Learning and IOT
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Skills And Qualities Of A Good Python Developer

So, what are the key qualities that you should look for in a Python programmer while assigning them the task to build a web app with Python? Here you go.
Although Python has created a reputation of being an easy-to-learn language in the programming world due to its object-oriented features, and extensive library support, you should still look out for an expert programmer, who possesses the skills like logical thinking, problem-solving, and algorithm building.
The syntax and structure of Python are easy to learn even for novice programmers, but the ones who are able to solve the real-world problems using logical thinking succeed in the web application arena. I hope now you can also understand why Google hires limited employees, simply because they need techies that are skilled to figure out the solution of complex real-world problems.
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Considering that you are now more familiar with the Python territory, here is a list of key qualities and skills that you should look out in Python programmers while hiring them.
  • Must understand the fundamental Python concepts
  • Possesses skills and knowledge about Python web frameworks such as Django
  • Understands Object-Oriented programming features
  • Skilled to work on front-end technologies like Javascript, HTML5, and CSS
  • Familiar with server-side templating languages
  • Ability to develop Python web-applications
  • Knowledge related to database integration
So far, you have gained knowledge related to the Python programming language, its features, history, popularity, and the necessary qualities that you should look out in a python programmer. Now let’s try to understand the cost that incurs in developing a web app using Python and the key factors affecting the overall cost of Python web application.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Python Web App Development

Following factors which decide the cost for the python web application:
Cost Factors to Develop Python Web App
Features & Functionalities
First, you need to understand that the development cost of a web app cannot be a static quantity, which is not possible to be simply put in front of you by anyone. Why so?
This is because a web app contains a variety of features like graphics, functionality, and connectivity to the web server. The more complex an app features are, the higher would be its development cost. So, the final price of the web app depends upon the requirements provided by you. The clients are mostly required to provide details about the number and types of features they require in the web app. This basic concept applies in the case of Python web app development as well. So price is largely affected by the features and functionality you want in your python web app.
Your budget
Yes, the budget is surprisingly an important aspect that will ultimately contribute to the final price of your web application. Generally, the final cost of a web app is 1.2 to 1.5 times higher than the cost or budget decided by a client initially. This is because the other factors such as the number of work hours and the complexity of the app features boost the actual price. Typically, you should set a budget around $3000 while looking for development of a standard Python web application.
Design Cost
While making a Python web application, the programmers are required to purchase a domain name for the website. Adding to this, all the necessary website data are also stored on a hosting server, which also incurs some cost to the clients. Further, the design and the website layout requested by the clients also influence the final price of the Python web app. This is because web designers make an extra effort to create your customized design or may have to purchase paid design templates.
Development Cost
The development process is the most important factor that affects the final price of a Python web application. A number of tech experts are usually involved in the development of a single Python web app, including front-end designers, back-end programmers, testers or quality assurance individuals. Typically, a web development company will put a price quote of $3000-$30,000 for developing a Python web application. However, if you are on a tight budget, then you can alternatively choose to hire a freelance Python developer, who generally charge around $5 to $75 per hour, which mainly depends upon their skills, expertise, and location.

So, How Much Should It Cost To Build A Web Application In Python?

Python Web App Cost
Finally, the cost to build a web app with python will depend upon the application features, functionality, your budget, and the number of hours invested by the programming team. The final cost to build a Python web app by a professional Python web development company like SAG IPL can be in the range of $1000-$5000, which may further if you change your requirements at different stages of the project.

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