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How IVR Can Target Different Sectors to Drive Best Results

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology allows interaction between a customer and computer through recorded voice and DTMF. It plays a very crucial role in providing efficient, responsive, economic and quick customer service.

It's cloud telephony service which is increasingly being implemented by both small and large businesses to improve overall customer experience and to cut business costs.

IVR is widely used in different sectors, it isn’t an industry specific services anymore. Everyone likes to give a warm welcome to their customers who call & the best solution is IVR. Wonder it does not get tired or irritated. Voila!

Nowadays IVR services are used by almost all the organizations (private or government):
  • E-commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Education Industry(Schools, Colleges, Coaching Institutes etc.)
  • Hospitals 
  • Hotels
  • IT industries
  • Banks
  • Telecommunication

Here, we'll give you a small insight on how IVR can be used in HospitalsBanking SectorTelecom Sector, and Education Sector.


24*7 availability


This is the major benefit of having IVR in Hospitals. What if someone is always there to answer your calls in hospitals even at odd times, record your message and arrange for a quick back call.

It can be used to reduce call waiting time in Hospital. Multiple tasks will be automated by implementing IVR system leading to increased efficiency.

Data Collection 


Data of caller can be compiled for future reference. The Patient under treatment in the hospital can be coordinated with using the maintained records. In hospitals, Doctors create a diary which helps them keep a check on patient’s history and able to advise better during patient’s future visit.

Through IVR every patient will own a unique id and doctors can track all information of individual patient (name, number, address, email id, reports) on the screen whenever required in future.

Doctors and Surgeons 


Patients can check the availability and timetable of concerned doctor and surgeon through the IVR based Per recorded voice and back SMS facility.

Billing and Collections 


Hospitals send outbound IVR and text payment reminders including the ability for customers to interact with the system to make a payment.


Patients can call on the available number and can fix their appointment with the concerned doctor. Once the appointment is fixed as per availability, Doctor and Patient both gets an SMS notification for the same. Human errors are reduced due to reduced manual interaction in preparing the complete schedule.

Automated Health Tips 


In this busy life if someone does not have time to visit a doctor then they can listen to pre-recorded information matching to their health related questions. Ex: diabetes, smoking cessation, flu shots, parenting and newborn care, immunizations, healthy nutrition and other customized health Information.

Test Results and Consultation


Test reports are made available online so that patient can simply make a call and listen to their test results by entering their unique patient ID. The whole process becomes faster and easy.

Patients Feedback 


If any patient finds any area of improvement or suggestions, then IVR provides you a feature of voice mail where you can enter the key and record your message. Your reviews will be stored and will be acted upon for improvement.

Marketing Programs


You can get information about upcoming events and Health check up camps. Proceed with online registration will full information available to you, for example, Doctor Name, Time of Meeting, Place, Phone number etc.

Similarly, IVR can be used in other areas. All that you need is to design a perfect IVR flow and implement it in your system.

Banking Sector 

Banking sector implements IVR mechanisms to streamline their day to day activities.
  • For providing account information.
  • Providing updates on various investment opportunities.
  • For loan related queries and giving information on loan schemes.
  • In the case of emergency and lodging complaints.
  • Providing product information to the customers.
  • For requests related to account details / mini statements / last transactions etc.

Telecom Sector

India now has second largest phone subscriber base in the world and will soon take over China in few years.This means that now more and more companies are opting to use “Toll-free & IVR Services” to reach this large phone subscriber base. And, with millions of calls coming everyday it is almost impossible to handle all the traffic manually.

IVR is used by the Telecom industry in the following ways:
  • For providing customers their billings plan information.
  • Sharing information on new plans and their benefits
  • For booking and checking the status of customer complaints.
  • Carrying out customer surveys.
  • For providing customer service (Customer Care).
  • For subscribing and unsubscribing of services (like caller tunes, hello tunes, special packs, etc.) by users.

Education Sector 

IVR can be beneficial for schools, colleges, universities, coaching centers, training institutes, etc. An institution can deploy this system and answer each student/parent queries from admissions to exam results. IVRs can make the management part easy for institutes and each department is made capable of handling maximum calls. No call will be missed because every inquiry is important.

IVR is utilized by education sector to provide:
  • Details of courses and subjects.
  • Daily attendance information of each student
  • Registration process.
  • Examination and test schedules.
  • Declaration of results.
  • News related to various academic and cultural events
  • Information related to the educational facilities of the institution.

Why should you lose the valuable customers when you can interact with them even when you are not available or when you can handle loads of them at the same time?

Moreover, if you want to offer not only top notch customer support but also other services that are not your core competency. Here's a post that shows how to get more business with outsourcing.

This is how IVR is a Time saver tool which provides you all the information within a fraction of minutes. It is cost effective as well as automated. Managed and quick services. Make your business or organization successful in short time span.

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