Tuesday, 5 November 2019

How the Internet is Changing Traditional Businesses

The business world is always in a dynamic state with new innovations and practices changing the landscape every few years.
But ever since the advent of the Internet, the business world has undergone a revolutionary change. This article explores how the internet is changing traditional businesses:

1. Online Shopping

Before the advent of the Internet, we had to walk down into a store and purchase all the things we need.
However, the scenario is completely different now. Physical stores are still there and some people still prefer to visit them. However, thanks to the Internet, online shopping has grown significantly in popularity.
We can buy things right from the comfort of our house. All you have to do is just visit any of the E-Commerce websites which are there. Right from groceries, to movie or flight tickets to birthday cakes or chocolate gifts anything can be purchased online and delivered wherever you need them.
Scroll through the different items and just order the things which you need. Since it is extremely convenient and because of the attractive offers which online businesses frequently offer, more and more people are gradually switching to online shopping.

2. Customer Service

Before the Internet, businesses could have easily survived for many years, even if their customer service was average. But now it is not possible.
Because of the Internet, the customers have become very powerful and influential. This is why one of the major objectives of any modern day business is to provide high-quality customer service to all their clients.
Nowadays, most people check the reviews before doing business. If your brand has bad reviews in the various social networking sites or other online forums, then it will be very difficult to survive for you.

3. Businesses are more productive

Because of the Internet, businesses are much faster and more productive than they used to be before the introduction of the Internet. Initially, meetings used to be conducted in a physical room where people from different parts of the world gathered together.
But nowadays, thanks to video conferencing facilities, there is no need for the parties to be physically present at the same place. Video conferences can be held from anywhere and at any time. This has also resulted in a lot of savings for them.
Apart from that, businesses nowadays are also not restricted to any specific geographical region. They can sell their products anywhere they want.

4. Customized Product options for customers

In the online stores, you will also be able to purchase customized items specially designed for you.
For example, if you want to gift a necklace to your Mother on her birthday with her name on it, then they will do it for you. For a physical store, this would be difficult as they mostly derive their margins from mass produced items.
But a lot of internet only stores can make products of this kind. You can order personalized stationery items like pens or diaries, personalized wine glasses and even personalized chocolate gifts. The best thing about customized gifts is that they have a personal touch to them; that's why online gifting is so popular nowadays.

5. Marketing

Because of the popularity of the Internet, there has also been a significant change in the marketing strategies of a company. Traditional marketing methods like TV advertisements and hoardings are not so popular nowadays. Digital Marketing is the latest trend.
Techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are growing in popularity. Brands are also promoting their products through their social media accounts.
On social media platforms like Facebook, it is also possible to create customized advertisements for the several target groups of customers that you want to attract.

Thus, the internet has drastically changed traditional businesses. From marketing to the operation of a business, almost everything has changed. However, it is a change in the positive direction. Businesses are much more productive and efficient nowadays.

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