Monday, 4 November 2019

How Email Marketing Automation Change the Game of SEO in 2018

In today’s competitive world, surging to the top of the SERPs has become an inescapable part when it comes to internet marketing. It is essential to play the organic or PPC game to show up in the top search results.  With the lion’s share of clicks being soaked up by the top three positions, it is obvious to compete for a higher rank.

However, while talking about boosting your performance in SEO, email marketing automation can be the last thing to cross your mind. It is obvious as a search engine does not rank the marketing emails, and email campaigns are not designed to improve the SEO but to get opens and click-through.  But do you know 51% of people find out new websites through email?
If you can leverage those visits and bring high-quality traffic, you will be able to increase your search engine rankings. Email marketing automation is an amazing tool to keep an audience engaged and wield traffic, and when done right it can be turned into an SEO booster.
Here are some ways email marketing automation is changing the game of SEO in 2018. 

Improved Bounce Rate

The bounce rate plays a crucial role in overall search ranking. Even if you have the best SEO writing in the world, a higher bounce rate is enough to slay your ranking. This is why businesses are linking their content in email newsletters to control the quality of the visitors. The visitors who visit the site by clicking on the email links are usually the more engaged and more interested one as they were attracted enough to sign up for your emails.

More User Engagement

An email incentivizing comments and sharing is something that will make a significant difference in those factors that Google looks for in the first place. While a blog with good content can bring some organic traffic, an email to the list can bump the number of views.

Targeted and relevant content

Relevance is one of the important factors of SEO and email marketing automation allows the marketers to deliver content based on relevance. With the email marketing automation segmentation feature, you can segment your customer and tailor different messages based on their interests, demographics, or purchase behavior. This way, you can deliver content that is more relevant to the customer that is also beneficial for SEO.

CTAs in Emails impact local search results

Email with its personal nature makes a great place for calls to action.  A compelling CTA for comments in your email can grab the attention of the potential audience and later, you can target the most active contributors by using the segmentation. You can even embed the review forms and links of your Google reviews to your email. According to a study by MOZ, reviews can have a 13% impact on local search results.

Enhance SEO strategy

Good SEO can draw in a huge number of leads to your website. However, it can’t filter the leads or exclusively target your ideal clients. This means you are more likely to end up wasting sales and funds on unqualified leads. With the right email marketing automation tools, you can sort through the leads generated by SEO. Also, it does the repetitive stuff for you to amplify and enhance your SEO strategy. 

The bottom line

SEO is now much more than just a strategy to put out good stuff. With the growing competition to stay ahead in the search results, it is better to incorporate some email marketing automation strategies to take the guesswork out of knowing your audience.

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