Wednesday, 13 November 2019

How E-Commerce Startups Are Controlling Marketing In Digital Backdrop

Digitization has become the trend of today not only when it comes to marketing, but for all the other major activities. The digital media has managed to take over all the other traditional media forms relentlessly, and these media forms include marketing, news, and entertainment. A majority of organizations focus mostly on digital marketing, and this has benefited the startups to a great extent. The reason behind this is that they do not have a lot of funds and in order to advertise their products, they prefer the modern and cheap methods.
We have no doubt about the fact that there has been a lot of advancement in digital marketing. Social media is not the only form of digital marketing, but it also includes Email marketing, SEO, and so on.
Ways in which e commerce startups are controlling the marketing spend
The significance of digital marketing is being increasingly recognized by both the startups as well as the players who are already established in the market. But it is true that it is the eCommerce startups which have gained a lot of benefit from digital marketing. The most common methods used by the startups to keep a check on their marketing spend with the help of digital marketing are:
  • Growing in an organic manner: It is easier to go the organic way and expand the consumers of certain products and services with the help of the social media, in comparison to doing it with the help of the traditional media. Hence many startups create social media profiles and put a lot of effort for targeting the correct audience. As soon as this is done, the startups can reach out to the people who have been targeted along with the other interested groups. Thus, the startup starts growing organically once the people start interacting through social media. The organic reach starts growing substantially with time, thereby reducing the market spends to a certain extent.
  • Content that is self-created: Startups that make use of the techniques of digital marketing generally create their own content. They do not hire the advertisers to create the content for them. The startups can also opt for the services of content writers or seek search engine optimization solutions. These services are comparatively a lot cheaper in comparison to the forms of traditional advertising. This, in turn, helps in saving a huge amount of money which the startup would otherwise spend to hire advertisers.
  • The expansion is cheaper: If the startups see that they have established themselves nicely on a single platform, they can easily start establishing themselves in some other platform. With the help of digital marketing, the startups can have as many numbers of blogs, YouTube channels, pages on Facebook, as they want to without worrying about the cost.
  • The consistency is inexpensive: When the e commerce startups make use of relevant marketing strategies on the digital platforms, they can easily market their products every day on different platforms. This will not cost them anything. The startups can constantly promote their goods and services without having to worry about the cost.
It is easier for the startups to know who their audiences are when they are using the social platforms, but this is impossible in case of traditional media. The startups should definitely consider going for traditional marketing in order to control the marketing spend.
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