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How Does SSL Make Your Business and Website Secure

The first and foremost step that is taken in the establishment of a web portal for any business is the purchase of an online domain. The next step is to build a design befitting your business propaganda and reflecting your brand name.
But does the task really end here?  
When you plan on doing long-term business through the means of your website, it’s necessary that you take care of all the important precautions and be worry of any damage that may occur in the future.
Since the world of the Internet can be a misleading and dangerous place at times, online security is something that every organization across the world is concerned about.
So, in times when hackers can empty your bank account in less than a second without you even knowing about it, there is an urgent need to take care of your online business and website.
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When your customers plan on purchasing something from you through an online mode, there is a huge risk involved with money. Many times people fall prey to situations where the money gets debited from their bank accounts, but never reaches the seller or the business.
This can be the worst nightmare for a business since their money is being theft. This is the reason why the security of your website is as essential as the security of your bank accounts.
If your website remains insecure then it will not only be a loss of money for your business but also a loss of a reliable relationship with your customer. But thanks to technology that we have certifications such as SSL that not just protect websites but also make the Internet a much safer place to do business.
If you are concerned about the security of your website and business, EV SSL is the solution that most of the business trusts when it comes to online invulnerability and safekeeping.

What is SSL?

SSL is the abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer. SSL is a standard security measure that basically encrypts any information being transferred from the server to the client and vice versa. The client can be the web browser that tries to establish a connection with the server to get any kind of information.
SSL here establishes a secured communication network so that the data packets transferred between the server and browser remain safe and are not stolen anywhere between them.
Consider for example, a customer opens up your website and clicks to view a product. This way the customer’s browser is requesting information regarding the product from the server, which is the source of the website here.
Normally data between the server and browser transfers as plain text, which is extremely vulnerable if any intercepts arise during the transfer of information. Attackers all over the world try to intercept and get classified data this way. SSL establishes encryption in this communication that keeps information safe.
Now consider what would have happened is the customer was submitting their card details for a transaction on an unsecured website. Any attacker would have taken advantage of this situation.
So, in order to prevent this miss happening and keeping the critical data away from people or machine that are not supposed to see it, SSL security is not only necessary but a mandatory part of websites.

Why SSL Is Important

The ‘S’ in “https” that you see on most of the websites is a proof that these websites are secured and SSL certified.
Market research indicates that SSL has proven to be the best practice for any website that is dealing with sensitive information. This sensitive information can be your customer’s name and basic information, credit card numbers, health records, login credentials, shopping history or other social security numbers.
Standing as the most popular and successful search engine Google also wants websites to have enhanced level of security for themselves.  The websites that do not use HTTPS are prompted as insecure in Google’s browser. This makes the need for SSL even more important in modern times.
The ever competing market tactics never seem to end. And in times like this even a small company can turn up to become a big competition. Businesses never shy away from trying their best to succeed in the market using various practices.  They may sometimes go out of the way to suppress an emerging competition and rule the market in monopoly.
This makes even the smallest enterprises vulnerable to being hacked. Companies often use false practices to get business critical data from other companies working online.
Unsecured communication between the browser and server can make businesses vulnerable to this kind of information theft and even put them to shame. SSL makes sure that your confidential client information stays up with you, without any damage to your website or supreme reputation.
The key to build a healthy relationship with a client is to make them feel safe and secure with your business. Your customer should feel that they are putting their money into safe hands and you are there to take care of it.
So, unless you have a secure communication channel established for your website this task becomes difficult. With growing awareness, even customers are well informed about secure and insecure networks. Browsers such as Google’s Chrome prompt customers to not submit any crucial information on insecure websites and web pages.
Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the business to secure their web pages with SSL to establish the reputation of an authentic and reliable brand in the eyes of the customer. It doesn’t matter if you are collecting money or not online.
All your web forms including those that ask for the customer’s name or email are equally important to be secured over the Internet.
Not only this, but every positive move on the Internet helps you improve your rankings with search engines like Google. All those websites that have SSL certifications are ranked higher on Google than those are not.
The benefits of having an SSL registration are not just limited to credibility in the business but also to monetary profits.  So, protect your classified and business critical data as soon as possible if you haven’t done it yet.
Remember that attackers are looking for even a second’s miss to get into your system and tamper with your vital data. SSL not just promises to give you a peaceful night’s sleep running an online website but also takes care that the customer’s information reaches you instead of some other menace creator.
As the desire for secure, un-tampered and authenticated data increases over the Internet, SSL becomes a mandatory practice to be adopted by all businesses.

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