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How do we, best SEO service provider in Pune deliver satisfactorily result to our client?

SEO service provider in Pune

“Prove it, how you can benefit my business” is the most common question SEOs has to answer the client.
As the best SEO service provider in Pune, we spend a lot of time and effort to build strategies best for our client’s business and execute them and get the desired result on the best day.
Many a time, few SEOs have to face unsatisfactory behavior from the client even after investing a lot of effort and time, and after getting desirable results too.
What’s the issue?

How the best SEO service provider in Pune provide a satisfactory result for the client’s business?

We know how we can have the best approach and different strategies for every client’s business.
  1. We make sure that search engine bots crawl to all important and valuable pages of the client’s website and leave unimportant one. There are many important and unimportant pages on the website but there are only a few pages contain important information about the business and where the leads are interested to visit.
  2. As we, SEO service provider in Pune understand Google search bot/ search engine bot, there must not be any issues to stop/break the crawling of the bot all through the website. We ensure to add appropriate structured data, diagnose javascript and CSS issue, broken links, etc.
  3. We know how Google standardize the website, we take care of website loading speed, UX/UI design, and issues, language targeting, ensure better accessibility for the users.
  4. We are the best for key phrases research on every client’s website for their products/services. We take care of search volume and competition of every shortlisted key phrase that we are going to pick for every page of the website.
  5. As Google value great content, we value it too. We create informational, unique and valuable content for every important page of the website according to key phrases and business need. Great content attracts more clicks and long duration unique user’s session, and that helps in boosting the rank of the website on SERP. Over time, It also helps to lower the client’s customer acquisition cost.
  6. We, unlike many other SEO service provider in Pune, spend a lot of time in building valuable links with high DA that helps the client earn the trust, authority, and rank well on SERP.
There are a lot more SEO activities needed to perform strategically to drive sales and leads to our client’s. Despite getting the desired rank and position, we may fall short if it fails to connect the dots and measurable impact on our client’s business.
What’s important?…. Ranking, Traffic, Conversion
Does ranking worth without clicks and traffic?
Does organic traffic worth without conversions?
Does conversion worth without signing the lead?

Rank, traffic and conversion are the SEO metrics that must be tracked if you want to show your effort and success rate.
ROI(return on investment) is the only thing the client cares about. So at the end of the day, the client will not be satisfied if SEO result fetches no desired revenue or ROI for their business.
SEO service provider in Pune

How we, the best SEO service provider in Pune do it?

We follow the following methods to get the desired and satisfactory result to our clients.
1. Conversion:
Decide upon which action on the website is appropriate to track the conversion. That could be anything among form filling, making the call or online purchase. Know which approach is the best for your client business to have better ROI.
2. Highest value page:
Know about the client’s highest value product or service so that you can prioritize them. Know about the market demand of the product and service of the client and pay special attention to conversion on those pages.
3. Average customer value:
It’s quite tricky to calculate if there are a number of services and products with different values. It can be calculated by combining average customer value with close rate and get the monetary value to be attached to goals.
4. Set goals in Google Analytics:
Once we are decided what action could be considered as conversion, set up the goal in Google Analytics.
5. Assign Goal Values:
It’s great if organic traffic leads to conversion but estimated conversion makes us feel good. If you could track that action like form filling closes 10% of the leads and the average value of the lead conversion is $100 then per goal completion could be assigned as $10.
SEO service provider Pune
6. Set organic-only view in Google Analytics:
To track the organic traffic, it could be valuable to set up Google analytics view so that when we are going to check the goal report, it would be clear that we are tracking organic conversion and value only.
SEO service Pune
7. Organic vs PPC
Google Search console performance reports show the traffic we got for a particular keyword with CPC in the next column. So here we can estimate the cost of the traffic we would have to pay for clicks but we got them free (organically).
8. Multi-Channel Funnel:
The organic value doesn’t end at last click. Sometimes leads come through the different channel but the organic result may have had measurable assistance to get them. Track assisted conversion in Google Analytics. Go to Google Analytics -> Conversion -> Multi-Channel Funnels.
SEO service in Pune
9. Final Report:
Gather and Communicate with all data together is as important as putting effort for doing SEO of client’s website.
We as the best SEO service provider in Pune do our best in delivering the desired result to our clients as we understand business needs only leads and value ROI. Challenges seem impossible and endless but we master in making them easier with our expertise and endless effort.
Get in touch with us to experience our SEO service and other digital marketing services.
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