Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How Digital PR and Social Media can Enhance Political Campaigns

As we inch closer towards the General Elections slated for the next year somewhere between April and May, political parties and candidates will be wielding all types of media to present themselves in the best light possible. Well, things have already started gathering force. While this process of canvassing is time-consuming and requires months of rigorous planning and execution, with digital marketing, political campaigning has become a lot easier.
There was a time when politicians would have had to wait for months to start their campaign efforts as traditional media is expensive and that having a continuous hammering of the political messaging called for hefty funds. But with social media and digital marketing, broadly speaking, politicians can reach their constituents efficiently without the constraints of time and space.
Election marketing, we're talking about the digitally powered one, isn't a new phenomenon that has surfaced recently. We saw its potential in 2014 when prominent Indian political parties officially made a splash with social media.
As a digital marketing agency that has assisted over 850 plus clients make the most of their digital campaigns, we are also thrilled that we'd be working alongside passionate individuals to help them communicate their cause.

Here's how digital marketing is influencing election campaigns

Cohesive messaging

Digital marketing has humanized government. Not only does it give candidates put forth their messages but also enable people to share their thoughts, creating an opportunity for better dialogue. The trick here is to fine-tune messages that appeal to the target audience whilst being in sync with the overarching ideology of the party. Social media allows for this cohesion.
cohesive messaging political digital marketing
Like anything in this world to work best, it has to be left in the care of those who know how to make it work best. Digital marketing is no exception. You need to have a thoughtfully constructed campaign strategy in place. Which is why hiring a digital marketing agency that is conversant with the nitty-gritty of internet election campaigning is critical. Flocking online without any mapped out plan can spell disaster. Digital marketers know what platforms work best and will work closely with you to devise a cohesive strategy that will help you address and reach the voters.

Ability to engage and involve with political digital marketing

Ability to engage and involve

Being able to interact with your target audience is a luxury. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube foster a civic environment, prodding voters to voice their opinions and prod them to participate. In addition to this, people today, use social media to check facts and the quality of information. They have formed their own communities and groups within social media that they rely on for legitimate news. Politicians who enjoy immense popularity on social media have been able to establish trust and credibility with these communities with their consistent, personalized updates.

A targeted approach

There's no doubt that every political candidate has a talking point that is essentially rooted in his/her party's overarching message. But for a candidate to make an impact and win his audiences, he has to strategically develop his message that matters to his target audience and deliver it to them via platforms where they spend most of their time on. Social media allows for precise targeting enabling candidates to energize voters by addressing problems that are specific or unique to them.


Political Reconnection

Truth be told, there are still many who don't vote. But here's another truth, there are many, many people who use social media and that candidates can use these platforms creatively to break the ice with those who are disengaged and make them feel part of the democratic process. Young people, especially can be reached effectively; as digital natives just imagine the difference they would be able to create with them joining your team!
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