Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How Designs Hold Importance in Email Industry?

Email marketing still remains one of the most popular ways to target people, especially a large audience. A significant portion of the world’s population is accessing their email inboxes almost every day.
Most of the times while traveling or during a business meeting, simply out of curiosity, I end up asking people whether they have ever used emails. majority of the times, I hear a ‘yes’ and their replies seem both, spontaneous and affirmative, at the same time.
Going by the statistics nearly 4.3 billion people all over the world are using emails regularly.
Emails are a big part of our lives and considering this huge chunk of the worldwide population, they don’t seem to go out of fashion anytime soon.  
Statistics suggest that in the past year’s design has come up as one of the significant factors that influence your email conversion rates.
A well-designed email is a key factor to distinguish yourself from the ongoing competitions in the market and achieve the desired conversions.
A great email design needs to capture the attention of the recipient or your audience in order to avoid being deleted or ignored.
If you are determined to provide your customers with an eye catching email design that is hard to resist, you need to start working on your emails and come up with a well-crafted design.
Here are a few important points to consider if you want to be an artist of your email campaign:

Design Provides Recognition

Out of the many values that design possesses, one of the most important is branding. Branding covers all aspects of your business, from websites to print products along with your business card and logo.
The design can reflect your brand in your email. You might not be able to make your email look exactly like your website but it can give a good reflection of your already established brand.
Check out this email from Lands’ End.
lands' end email

Responsive Designs

Responsive designs are the latest trend for emails in the market. With more and more customers using varied devices to open up their email inboxes, it becomes the responsibility of a business to give them the best experience of emails.
Navigation on a small screen can be a problem, so responsive design makes sure that call to action and scrolling are arranged keeping a mobile in the mind.
According to Google trends, responsive design started spiking its way in 2012. It is all about providing improved usability to the customer.
Responsive design makes sure that your message gets rendered properly to your customer, no matter which device they are using to open your emails.
Check out this infographic from Litmus.
responsive design

Color Scheme for The Mood

Research carried out by scientists indicate that pop or neon colors catch our attention much faster than cool and calm colors.
A neon color in your email design gets to the reader’s attention forcing them passively to read your headline. Strong images, stand out call to action links and an effective contrast are all elements of a great eye catching design for your email.
Also, a bright color palette with vibrant color tones in your emails is an excellent way to grab the customer’s attention in one go. The idea is to pick up a fresh color scheme that distinguishes your brand and helps you stand out from the crowd.
It’s also essential to keep the content minimum when using such designs as nobody likes an overdone piece of art. Use of abstract elements and creative placement of text can add to your design and make your email more attractive.
Consider the email design by Tiffany.

tiffany email

Animations are Easy to Catch

Design simply does not include rearrangement of images. But how your email looks at an overall approach, is what constitutes design. Animations in an email are also catching everyone’s attention these days.
You can convey your message in a GIF so that the customer understands it easily and knows what your email is all about without having to read long paragraphs. Animations deliver one and simple message that is important with a unique and memorable design.
Your customers will easily remember you and engage with your brand immediately.
Check out this email design from Murray's Cheese.
animation in email

Simple and Sorted

With design coming into play, there is a very selective need of content. Your design speaks for you and does the job.
Design provides simplicity to your email. If you add too many images in your email, there are chances that your customer’s attention will not get to the call to action link and instead get distributed.
There can be one iconic image that represents your brand along with a header and one final call to action link. This way you email will look much sorted and you will have a much clear call to action link.
Consider the example of the Food52.
simple and concise email
Designs hold an important place in the email industry. The reason behind is that, though you are actively speaking on your email through words, design, on the other hand, is creating a perception in the recipient’s mind.
And why not! After all, nobody wants to read a dull looking email even though it might have great content up its sleeves.
Focusing on a well-designed email can help you catch everyone’s attention. Because at the end, a thing of beauty remains a joy forever.

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