Monday, 4 November 2019

How Customer Experience Is Becoming the New Marketing

“A happy customer will go and tell his friends but an unhappy customer will go tell the whole world”
Whether you are a newbie or an established brand, nothing is constant in a business except one thing that is competition.

With fast moving world competition in business is also increasing so rapidly. Everywhere you’ll find competition whether it would be for your product or marketing or price or be it anything.

These competitions are getting evolved with the rise in technology and digital marketing, but there is one old way to compete is still present and is equally important like any other factors of the business.

So, calling customer experience a new marketing technique would not be fair enough. It was there from very starting getting used by a lot of companies as their success mantra.

But yes! Nowadays considering customer experience in your marketing mix is a must-have ingredient and you just can not imagine branding your business without providing smiles on your customers face.

Do you know about Amazon?

Who doesn’t know about this giant market capturing company!!

Do you think that overnight they have achieved this much success?

Or by adding everything and anything on their website made them so popular and people’s first choice?

Might be it could be one of the reason. But you must know that it is a company which truly believes in customer-centric marketing and that is the reason they keep an empty chair at every meeting.

That empty chair is to signify their customers and to follow that trait of the company that whatever decision we take is for you.

So, at last, it’s all about how you’re going to treat your customers. Not only initially but at every stage of buying and selling, a customer is equally important as he was before.

So, let’s check out that how customer experience is becoming the new marketing.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

If you’re a marketer you can never avoid this term “Word of mouth marketing.”

It’s the best and most effective marketing channel in around. Providing good experience to your customers not only will make that customer loyal to you but it also increases the lifetime value of any company.

  • A happy customer tells his experience to family, friends, and anyone he is in contact with and becomes loyal to your product. This loyalty increases the value of your brand. The more that customer will be happy, the more you get the chance to get a lifetime value for your brand.
  • If someone has a good experience with your company they are more likely to give a positive feedback or a good review online that can be a punching factor for your business. The same way if some have rotten experience can spit out his frustration on your review section which can affect both your product and your brand.
  • The value of your stock depends a lot on your brand and market value. So no doubt concentrating on customer experience can increase your stock value.
  • Branding needs advertisement and in today’s world, you simply can not jump social media if we are talking about advertisement and branding. Happy faced customers can give you a big social media support by sharing their experiences. No media can compete for the user-generated content which you can get only if you've delighted customers with you.

Customer Experience Is Your Product And Pricing

Customer experience is not only a way of marketing but it’s your product itself. It can be better explained with the help of a hotel business.

The one and only product in such businesses is their customer service. The ratio of people getting attracted towards your company and prefer you over others depends on the services you’re going to offer your customer. In every business, the case is same but little high in some of the businesses.

Talking about Price, the loyalty of your customer is tested while you the increase in price.
How much your customers are like to pay you more for your products?

It is decided by your brand trust and trust can be built up by giving your customer a good experience and making them habitual to your product.

Part Of Every Aspect Of Business

Where you think that maintaining a good customer experience is a very important factor for your marketing, I would like to tell you that it is not an important aspect just for your marketing team but holds your various business areas.

Research And Development

How do your present customers feel about your product?
What are the things they are struggling with?
Solving these questions holds your R&D team. After all, research is done on your customers only and development is done to solve their issues.

Public Relations

Many people value those companies more which work above and beyond making profits and contribute towards the society through any sort of charity or by their product.

So, giving your customer such experience can give your company a higher position in society.

Social Media and Content Marketing

Social Media has turned to a customer service function. People never fail to flaunt their view of any product.

All you have to do is to tweet and that’s it.

I remember once I was facing some problem with my newly bought phone. All I did is I tweeted and the respective company replied within minutes and they contacted me to solve the issue.
Coming to content marketing, it is something that is strongly woven with customer experience. Most of the time content is created to help, guide, and pass information to their customers.

Employee Engagement

The chart of your happy customers determines the morale of your employees and working environment of your company.

A happy employee can make your customer happy. It is a critical issue as your employee morale is going to reflect you in social media.

So, keeping an eye on your customer experience department can help you in maintaining employee engagement and boosting their morale.

Apart from this department, there are a lot many departments present like post sales, your executive team, etc. So, customer experience not only helps you in giving you some happy and loyal customers but also makes your other aspects of business better.


Customer Experience is a view of the customer lifecycle and not an empty buzzword.

It is powerful enough to differentiate companies, stock values, hires, and of course increase ROI.

Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut available to improve customer experience. It is attached to your company processes that need to be in on the effort.The companies agile to follow it or already following has a worthwhile result.

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