Tuesday, 5 November 2019

How Cloud Telephony is Transforming Business Communication

The Cloud Telephony is rapidly becoming a reliable communication platform which is now transforming the world of communication especially in the world of business. It is actually the efficiency of communication that matters most for the success of a business.
After all, the timely communication with your target audience helps a lot to consolidate your business.  More and more business are opting for and transforming their business processes especially in terms of communication on cloud telephony. It is the need of the hour to have a successful business running within the budget.
Simply put, embracing cloud technology for communication will transform the way organizations conducted business, into an efficient way of establishing communication across their tasks. This approach will bring a robust and sustainable growth in the business.
This technology lets you concentrate and pay attention to the important aspects of business i.e. product innovation and marketing strategies, thus, relieving you from other IT resources. The beneficial and advanced features of cloud technology have the potential to transform the business into a profitable and successful one.

Traditional PBX vs. Cloud Telephony Based PBX

The traditional PBX needed a colossal investment and the running cost too was very high. But with cloud technology, you just choose the suitable features and just pay according to the uses of service. You have subscription level on monthly or annual mode to choose from,  that too with a limited investment.
With the increase in business prospect and customer base, it does not become costly and remains affordable. The traditional way of maintaining the hardware infrastructure was very costly and labor intensive.
And the recurring cost of communication though not much streamlined was much beyond the means of the business. But now these stumbling block of impediments are a matter of past.

Reliable Technology

Cloud telephony is a reliable communication technological platform. Businesses also have many cloud based communication API available that can be selected to use and design communication pattern according to their needs. For those who do not understand telephony well, the Internet Phony or Internet telephony is another name for data/voice communication using the internet as the medium of communication.

We no longer take use the conventional system of communication as cloud telephony allows data communication like voice, fax or other digital telecommunication over the internet and helps us stay connected as long as possible without much financial botheration.  We just access the cloud from all locations across the world with Ethernet and Broadband enabled for it. Cloud telephony also provides ease of business as the business scaling, as the bandwidth grows with the use of Ethernet connectivity.

Ethernet connectivity has made it much easier to grow bandwidth as per the needs of your business to grow. In most cases, bandwidth can be increased by making a simple provisioning change using existing equipment.

The earlier communication infrastructure needed was very costly and needed a lot of manpower to take care of it.

Cost Effective Technology

There are some mandatory features that are the main reason to transform business communication into cloud telephony. You can employ and use it with your business model and see the remarkable change happening.

Cloud telephony being a cost effective technology provides the features of Unlimited voicemail, ability to send email and other data, text chat feature, low-cost fax transmissions, low-cost landline and cellular calls, video calls, ability to stop unwanted calls and no costly maintenance of Hardware. Businesses can communicate endlessly without having to worry about the extra expenditure incurred on calling more or utilizing the phone more.  

This is again providing businesses an upper hand in the field of communication as customer satisfaction increases considerably.

Of course, you would not want to hang up a call with your customer just because a minute would cost you a penny more. Considering this situation for a single customer is easy but imagine what if there are a thousand different customers and that too in different countries across the world. This is the actual case with large businesses.

So, cloud telephony comes to your rescue in situations like these that help to transform your business communication by letting you go an extra edge for your customer without having to worry about costs.

The Real Time Data Analysis

The communication data is stored in the form of call logs and recording. This is bringing transparency into communication in businesses. A regular analysis of this is recommended so that you have better chances that the important and business critical leads will never be missed again.
So a business model can be developed on a cloud based communication, deliverable to virtually any business locals. It is loaded with a guarantee of quality service and with solutions to promote the business as per the likes of customer or partner. Real time data analysis from cloud telephony also helps you improve your business communication and know where you lag.
Now, managers sitting anywhere can monitor the communication carried out through cloud telephony and recommend improvement immediately. So, there is also a lot of room for improving your sales and communication skills as a business. Some of the communication exclusive features also include user driven Business requirements, Budget driven solution, Disaster recovery of data and sharing of data by cloud client etc.

Business Mobility

Now every business has the opportunity to become global establishing the business in multiple locations all across the world. This brings a flurry of travel expenses to address the business requirements. With the increase in business network, the field work also increases and they need a way to access their corporate network from any locations. And here the cloud technology provides all the solutions thus increasing the mobility of business whether they are small or large.

So, cloud telephony has extravagant benefits and things in store for businesses who are willing to step out of their conventional ideologies and take a step in the direction of technology. This transformation in the business communication is thus enhancing the customer satisfaction level, bringing ultimate successes to the business.


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