Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How Cloud Telephony Can Make Your Business Life Easy

Ever since cloud technology has emerged, businesses have reaped numerous benefits and relished too. It has benefited both small and large enterprises, and that is the reason why most businesses today have considered switching to cloud based software solutions. Enterprises & SMEs, all over the world are either switching or have already switched to cloud telephony.
Understanding Cloud Telephony
                Cloud telephony services basically serves your business with a virtual hosted system. This allows you to upgrade the software for your telephone services and transfer them to the cloud platform. Cloud telephony refers to voice based virtual platform replacing the old telephone system which involved hardware setup for running operations.

Cloud telephony is a highly suitable replacement which runs completely on internet infrastruture and hence no hardwares are required for its operation.

Gartner says that there will be a rise in cloud based business systems from eight percent to thirty-three percent in 2017.
Major Advantages of Switching to Cloud Telephony for Businesses:

1. Cost Savings                                                                                  

Every business wants to have the luxury to cut down on expenses and cloud telephony services allows businesses to lower their maintenance and repair expenses. Cloud telephony systems comes with the added benefit of lowering their hardware expenses, as calls within the company are completely free, which can save the organization a whole lot of money in the long run.

2. Easier Implementation                                                                  

Most SMB’s are acquiring cloud telephony services, since it provides them with no hassles of installing hardware. It is much easier to implement, and allows easy and seamless transition for better business communication with clients and customers.

3. Minimum Downtime                                                                      

Cloud telephony services for business ensure that there is minimal downtime, while also making sure that the maintenance is efficiently taken care of and the repairs don’t take up days to get fixed.
If something goes wrong with your cloud telephony service, your service provider is solely responsible to solve the problem and you will not have to experience any significant downtime.

4. Enhancing Reputation                                                                  

71 percent of internet leads are wasted due to the extended response time.

The primary concern for every business is to enhance its reputation and make a brand image for its company in the respective industry. Cloud telephony is extremely helpful when it comes to building the reputation of your brand.
Your customers won’t have to experience dropped calls or bad call reception when you switch to cloud telephony. This will ensure that you are consistently providing your customers an exceptional customer support, which is the benchmark for excellence in any industry today.

5. Generate Leads                                                                             

Cloud telephony can be used as a lead generation tool for your business. Potential leads are hard to generate but cloud telephony makes this easy Through a value added services or tollfree number.
Study found that only thirty-one percent of businesses monitor the interactions between their employee and the customer.

Statistics reveal that about 40% of the calls made by first-time customers are not picked up.

A toll free number is the best medium used by companies as it serves customers a free way to communicate. A toll free number always uses an IVR which recalls the company name or brand name.

Many research studies have found that a toll free number can improve sales by 30%.

Thus, people hear the brand name every time they make a call. There are multiple inbuilt features in cloud telephony platform, which can be used to learn and implement as per the market preferences.
Discover a convenient and powerful way to connect with your customers. Give your customers a convenience of dialling for your services Cloud telephony allows you to respond to your customers need effectively and improve your brand image.

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