Monday, 4 November 2019

How Can You Add Magic to Your Email Marketing?

If I get a chance to make the list of my superpowers, I would like to share one of my best superpower which is:

I can see the opportunities left by others. After a long research on business promotion ways, I found that Email marketing is a proven ROI tool. And I also noticed that due to lots of social promotion platforms people are switching from the email marketing.

Email is the best tool for a business and getting expected revenues. I added the magic in emails. To make email magical think like an email marketing magician. The magic to influence the customer to take actions and magic to arrest the customers with your words.

Research on the email reader’s psychology. Like, what they like to read about your product, what influence them to take actions and how your email becomes magical with words or images.

Think like an email magician and build the chances to get back a good ROI. Convert your customers into delights of your business with your magical email power. Here I would like to share the tips to add magic to your email marketing:

1. Reader’s Personalization

Tailor your reader’s needs. Before sending the email, creating customer’s persona and creating the emails according to that persona gives the best results. With the customer’s persona, you can better understand your visitors and develop a more personalized experience for customers.

More personalized email series gives you the more conversions. For example, Suppose you have a business of furniture, some of your lead is interested in buying sofa, then sending your that lead email regarding their interest convert more customers.

2. Choose Right Time to Send Emails

When asked about the best time to send emails from the email marketers, They replied: “Tuesday through Thursday morning, between 8 and 10 am.”

That’s a common knowledge acknowledged that people usually open their emails in the morning. With this common tendency, here is a factor which is affecting the emails open rates, the people are becoming more mobile friendly.

So, the emails are getting open at all hours. Here I am showing the latest email open rate trends.

Now, deciding the right time to send emails to become more comfortable with this infographic research. Till now if you are confused between two-time slots for sending your emails, try A/B testing. That’s the best way to analyze what time is right for you to send your promotional emails.

3. Use CTAs Effectively In Your Email Campaigns

When you create an email marketing campaign, one of the most crucial factors is the call to action. That the component grabs the customer’s attention and influences them to take actions. Here some important points to make CTA effective:

I. Number of CTAs

Using too many CTAs overwhelmed customers, and they get confused how to take action. So try to include One Call to action in your email. And if you wish to use secondary Call to action for your email, then give that CTA different weight by using the different color or placement.

II. Placement of Call to Action

Where to put call to action in your email?

That’s a big question for every email marketer. And there’s a lot of debate on this also.

Some email marketing experts suggest to put CTA “above the content” which means without scrolling down, the customer’s can see the call to action first, and Other email marketing experts say put it in the bottom of the email content, this makes more sense.

I think both are right. This is your common sense that which one is best for you. If your purpose is quickly understandable, then place it above the fold and if you need to explain about your goal then put it in the bottom of an email.

III. Call to Action Design

Your call to action must be looks attractive and influencing, for that you have to make it different including some designs. Like Using a button rather than hyperlink increase the 28% conversion rate. For that  CTA button pick a unique color, which helps to look it more attractive. Size of the CTA button also matters.

4. Isolation Effect on Readers

“People are more likely to take notice of words or images that contrast with their background, making them stand out,” writes Nora Landis-Shack writes at

Create some psychological magic. Try to understand your customers need and what they want to see. Show them what they like. And making your customer’s stand out and making them take actions by reading your email magical words called “Isolation effect.”

5. Use Content to Go Viral

If we talk about the content of an email, make it in a way that your customers see only their benefits of using your product. Spread the magic of your words in your email content. Instead of writing the promotional email, make it noticeable for the customer’s sake.

These all tips, which I used to add magic to my email marketing campaigns. And I got the expected results. So, what are you waiting for add your words magic in your emails and get the conversion now.

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