Tuesday, 5 November 2019

How Can Virtual Receptionist Make Your (and Customer's) Life easy?

In the never ending market competition of today’s world, it is necessary to stand out with your own qualities and experiences.
For any business, customer satisfaction is one of their highest priorities and they put all their efforts in giving the best. But what if something could make your life as well as your customer’s life easy at the same time? Yes, it is possible now that we have virtual receptionist to our rescue.
Here is how Virtual Receptionist make Your and your Customer's Life easy:

Improve customer satisfaction

Interactive voice responses help any business improve their customer satisfaction levels.
According to a recent survey, “57% of survey respondents reporting that they prefer to dial a vanity number over a local numeric phone number: Companies can ensure consumer satisfaction for the majority of the population their advertising reaches when they feature a vanity toll-free number as the response tool in their print advertisements.”
A toll free number is necessary because it helps the customer get timely responses to their issues without having to wait endlessly for a rep to pick their calls.
Another one of the great experiences is that the customers do not have to wait or go through long procedures to get their smallest queries answered.
For example, if the customer is calling regarding the status of a recent order placed on your website, the Interactive Voice Response can answer that automatically without having to forward the call to any agent.
A toll free number can also make sure that the phone is available no matter when the customer's call.

Toll free numbers are super easy to remember

Most of the toll free numbers that we come across start with a fixed pattern of digits. Consider for example 1800- is one of the most common found toll free number patterns. This makes your number easy to remember.
As a business, you can tell someone about the toll free number of your company spontaneously when asked.
According to a recent market research people feel free to contact or dial up a number that is easy to remember.
Having a toll free number is another great way of achieving a niche over your competitors in the market. It increases your chances of getting more calls and thus also helps in generating revenue for sales, thus making lives easier.

Easy way of lead generation

Interactive voice responses and toll free numbers are one of the best ways of lead generation for any business. It has successfully replaced the conventional advertising techniques.
Toll free numbers have also made customers more approachable to businesses. Since the customers do not have to spend a single penny on getting in touch with a company, they feel like calling them or knowing about them more often. And this way, businesses are generating leads.
Consider, for example, you hear an advertisement over radio or television. Since they have a toll free number you will be more compelled to call them and get your questions answered.

Interactive Voice Response is answering for you

No matter at which geographical location you are, Interactive voice response makes sure that your customer’s queries are answered. This gives you ample space to be anywhere in the world and still be able to address the concerns of your customer with equal efficiency.
Also, you can have a global reach to the customers. Even if customers are calling when the office hours are over and you are at your home, the interactive voice response will be there to respond to your customer’s queries or take important messages for them.
This is one of the most effective ways by which IVR is making lives easier for both your customers and your business.

Ease of scaling your business

Interactive voice responses have also reduced the need of a large infrastructure and large investment for setting up a business. You can also have ease of scaling your business whenever you want.  The conventional business telephony set up used to take a large amount of space along with huge costs for businesses.
However, Virtual receptionist requires much less investment and zero additional costs. This is again making your life easier.
So, without having to worry about moving a large amount of infrastructure or involving huge costs to enlarge your business, you can easily scale your business as per your needs anywhere in the world. The amount of time that you have saved on scaling your business can be now spent on improving the satisfaction level of your customers.
So, virtual receptionist is not only making your life easy but also making the customer happy at the same.

The personalization comes to the rescue

One of the most important features of having an Interactive voice response for your business is a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist keeps a track of all your calling customers on the cloud platform.
So when Mr. Jones calls, the Interactive Voice Response will already know that who is calling. Interactive voice responses can be set to answer the calls of customers in a personalized way.
For example, when Mr. Jones calls, the IVR will answer “Hello Mr. Jones, how can I help you today?” This will make the customers feel comfortable and they will easily open up to your business.
Interactive voice response also provides the option of answering a call in the caller’s native language. This feature can help especially when your customer base is spread across the entire globe.
So, someone calling from China will get their call answered from Interactive Voice Response in the Chinese language. Yet again, Virtual receptionist are making your life easier by remembering the customer data for you and answering in a personalized way.
On the other hand, your customers are getting much higher level of comfort and ease of business.
Thus, having an interactive voice response (toll free) for your business can make your life easy in many ways. Not only yours, but it is also improving the ease of doing business for your customers, making their lives easier.
With more options available now, you can easily generate new leads that will love to convert and do business with your organization.

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