Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How Can Live Chat Help You to Boost Your Conversion Rate?

You send emails for a variety of reasons to your customers. They might be a subscription email for a newsletter or blog post or a solution to a customer’s problem.  One good thing about emails is that they are low cost and get delivered into the inboxes of your customers, the moment you send it to them.
But there are very few possibilities that you will get an immediate reply or the customer will convert the very moment they receive the email. But what if you were solving a customer issue in a similar way you reply to your friend on chat?
Welcome to the world of live chat!
Live chat is a process where the customer approaches you through a chat window and you solve their queries or provide the needed assistance through chat in real time. It is just like chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp, where you reply instantly to your friend’s messages.
Using live chat for your support has many benefits that can help you drive significant revenue through the means of converting customers. Market strategists think of live chat as the ultimate sales hack.
In the past, it was observed that businesses used their marketing resources to draw customers towards their business phone number.
But marketing trends of 2017 suggest that businesses need to draw their attention towards live chat as it the power to boost conversion rates by a significant number.
Take a look at’s live chat option. When I landed on the website, I could see a chat option that said ‘online’. And all I needed to do was to click on it. Here is how it looked:
Sarv Live Chat Box

Businesses claim to have improved their conversion rates by 45 percent with the help of live chat. So if you want to know how live chat can improve conversion rates for your business, take a look below to find out:

1. Live chat provides super convenience

One of the best things about live chat is that it is super convenient and comfortable for both the customer and the sales rep. In a situation when customers are eager to learn about a product or service, they consider chat as a good option.
Or in cases where they are entirely new to the industry and want to try hands on your product, chat can help you give them a larger number of options.
Suppose a customer comes up to you and says that he is confused between a large number of options. Your sales rep can understand and ask details about the customer’s profession and intended use and then suggest the best among them.
Also, a chat box sits calmly on the screens and barely interrupts the personal space of the customer.
So whenever the customer has to ask something, they type a question that gets instantly answered. This is the reason why statistics suggest that 79 percent of the people prefer using chat.
live chat

There is a lot of power in being able to contact directly with customers through the means of a real time homepage or landing page. The most important of all is that you are able to build a better relationship with the customer as you are proving an instant remedy to their problems.
Out of the many reasons why customers love a live chat, one is that it enables them to multitask. Maybe they are on an important call or reading something side by side. Live chat seldom bothers them. They just don’t have to stop what they are doing in order to get in touch with you like in an email or a phone call.

2. Live chat helps improve the customer satisfaction level

One of the most effective things of live chat is that the customer gets an instant reply to their issues. And any customer would love to get the best solution in a minimum of their time. This ease and quickness of the replies leave customer satisfied and they get a sense of positivity about your website.
Consider, for example, your customer is reading a blog post or about a new product on your website and they come across something that they have hard time to figure out. Instead of sending an email and getting a reply hours back or picking up their phone and dialing your number especially, all they can do is click on the little chat head at the bottom of the page and get an instant reply.
Now, think from the customer’s perspective. Isn’t it more satisfactory? This is the main reason why live chat outranks other B2B communication sources.

3. Live chat gives the customer sufficient time to make a decision

Many times customers approach you when they have to make a purchase or want to know more in order to be able to make a purchase. In sales crucial situations like this you can help the customer by telling them some unique features about your product or service that they might not have known about.
According to a market research, 44 percent of the customers say that they came to know about some really important feature about a product after getting their questions answered through live chat. These little things can have a huge impact on the conversion rates for your business.
Answering a simple question or a doubt can be the little difference between a closed deal or a clear miss. Also, you are giving them sufficient knowledge needed regarding something along with time to come across the best choice of purchase. Customers love to have such a space and are bound to get biased to your brand.
Digital marketing has seen quite many revolutions in the last few years, which has not only facilitated for a wider reach to the audience but also seen quite many innovations to it. From video marketing to contest and quizzes for customer, one of the greatest marketing strategies that businesses are adapting is live chat.
So, instead of relying on the conventional sources you can go ahead and get live chat for your landing page. Just be careful and use it wisely to obtain a significant increase in your conversion rate.

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