Tuesday, 5 November 2019

How Can Email Auto-responder Increase Your Online Sales?

Owning an online web portal of your brand isn’t enough if you aren’t selling fast. Every business tries to increase their online sales and make use of different tactics and methods in the process to do so and, leave their competitors behind.

Most of the people running an online business are familiar with the concept of auto responders. But there is nothing to worry about even if you find yourself new to this word. Auto-responders are just emails that are sent to the customers automatically in response to an action taken by them on your web portal.
Email marketing as we know is the one of the biggest and huge successes for e commerce market and online stores.  It has the power to keep the customer engaged in your business as well as drive conversions and bring revenues for businesses.
Also, market research suggests that the total number of people possessing email accounts in the world will increase from 3.9 billion to a whopping 4.9 billion by the end of 2017.
Now that’s a huge number and provides businesses an excellent chance to utilize this opportunity and use it to increase their online sales.
Many marketing pros suggest that if you are looking to increase online sales, email is the best way to do so. Email is the way modern organizations are doing business.
And this is where an important and phenomenal tool of email comes into play that has the power to maximize the importance of email marketing campaigns. Yes, I am talking about auto responders.
Email autoresponders are a great way to stay in touch with the audience and communicate effectively without much botheration. The order confirmation emails, order update emails, delivery emails etc are all examples of auto responders. These are pre programmed emails that are delivered to the audience in a certain time frame.
So, if you are still wondering how autoresponders can prove beneficial to your business and increase your online sales, we are here to throw some light on it. Here are a few ways by which Auto-responder Increase Your Online Sales

Send a welcoming message to your new subscribers

One of the most initial and effective ways to use an autoresponder is to welcome your new subscribers with its help.
This is a basic tactic and already used by most of the businesses in one form or the other. When a new customer subscribes or signs up to your online store, the first email that you should be sending is a welcome email.
Remember that since most new subscribers don’t know much about your online business you can tweak these emails to tell them what your business is all about.
You can also add a few introductory call to action links in your welcome email that can guide the customer through your online store and give them a picture of your products.
Another great way to use your welcome emails to enhance your online sales is to include a discount coupon or free service coupon that will not only entice the customer but also increase e your sales using the auto-responders.

Give a quick tip in the time of need

Quick tips are also a great way by which auto responders help an online business increase their sales. It is also the quickest way to get your customers to make a purchase.
While designing tips, try to focus on those steps that will give your customer the best benefits in small tasks.
Consider for example the company Evernote, which uses autoresponders to send its customer tips on getting started with the application. It not only attracts the customer but compels them to actually take the action suggested in the tip.

Respond to the most frequently asked questions

Autoresponders can also be used to answer the most common queries of customers. It is possible and also observed frequently that many customers write to us regarding a same problem or difficulty that they are facing.
You can use a question and answer format to make it clear to the customers that you are answering their most common queries. It is a wise move to drive more sales because no matter how well designed your product is, customers will come up with questions regarding it.
You can utilize this opportunity to save your time as well as your customers’ by sending them emails with response to these common questions.
It is a great way to build trust by letting your customers knows that you are answering them honestly and yet another great pay to pitch for hard sales.
Image source: Perry Marshall

Request for feedbacks of your products

Feedbacks help you in many ways to get more sales. You make the customer feel that they are important to you by asking them for their feedback on your products.
Other than that feedbacks can be used to maintain an online presence in the social circle so that when people search for your products, they come to know that they are genuine and already been tried out by other customers. But the problem is that most customers usually buy from you and then forget to write feedbacks.
And there is no point asking for a feedback when the customer has already moved on from the good experience or impact of the product.  This is where carefully targeted auto responders come to the rescue and help you get the feedback in time.

Offering a referral bonus always helps

Referrals never grow old. Referrals have the power to drive massive sign ups and sales for your online store. You can use email autoresponders to encourage your customers to ask a friend to sign up or make a purchase and offer them an enticing coupon or discount voucher in return.
This way you are maintaining your loyal customer base as well as promoting your online business at the same time.
Auto responders can serve a great purpose and be the major ingredient for your successful online sales if used wisely. You can come up with a number of ways according to your business and let auto responders do their job of bringing you more sales while you focus on other business critical aspects and enhancing customer satisfaction levels.

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