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How Can Content Help To Boost Your Conversion Rate?

You come up with an idea for your campaign and start working on it. Next, you work out the idea with your team and put in all the hard work so that your email marketing campaign successfully reaches out to your customers. But there is no point of all this until you achieve conversions.
Conversions are important when you want your company to grow and see an increase in your profits. Though, organizations have been working hard to come up with ways that improve their conversion rate, one of the most significant things that have caught everyone’s attention recently is the content.
Content can act in many ways that you might not even recognize and help you significantly boost your conversion rate.
According to content strategist David Rosam, “Content [should be] written with a clear vision of what must be conveyed to the reader, built through understanding their pain points (mainly B2B) or emotional connection (mainly B2C)”
Whether your organization is selling an ebook, software or other services, you can improve your conversion rate by more than 100 percent, with the help of good and high quality content.
It might not sound surprising to you that everyday almost 25,000,000 pieces of content are shared, according to a survey by the Marketing Insider. The same survey also illustrated that marketers these days are investing more than 25 percent of their campaign budget on marketing their content.
Now think about the number of content being generated everyday and the return on investment received by the marketers for each of them. Very few organizations are able to stand out and achieve the required results with the help of content.
So if you want your content to help boost the conversion rate for your campaign, here the things you must know

Know your audience well

The first step in order to create great content for your audience is to begin by understanding them. Know your customers really well and ask yourself, “Who is buying your product?”, “What is their story?” or “What issues or their needs brought them to your door?”
Knowing these facts regarding your customers is essential to design and develop great content for them.
With the help of this knowledge about your customer, you can easily create a demographic overview of your overall customer base. You can come up with similarities or differences in their age, gender, habits, likes and dislikes, income, location, employment and many other points.
The key is to develop a more in-depth picture of their hobbies and things they like to do or spend time. Ultimately all this is going to help you focus on their buying behaviors. You can understand if the person is an occasional buyer, a frequent online shopper or a deep research buyer.
The more you understand your customer’s profile, more will you be able to trigger the behaviors that you want them to initiate and boost your conversion rates. You will be able to test any idea against your customer profile and understand whether a particular segment of audience will like your content or not.
Image Source: Buffer Blog

Publish your content wisely

Going by the tradition, organizations spend a lot of time creating creative and unique content for their product or services. But what they consider least and has one of the major impact in conversion rates is finding an appropriate home for the content.  
David Sayce, Digital Marketing Consultant shared his take here,
“After spending time working and developing keywords (themes) and landing pages, this micro text it the attraction that can make the difference between someone clicking through to a website or not. Much like writing headlines or tweets, this micro content can be very difficult to work on, but once smart, emotive content is created, it can produce a huge uplift in the CTR to the website.”

Businesses need to think strategically about where to publish their content, so that it basically gets picked up as and when it is required. A content published at the correct platform is sure to drive conversions for your business.
A smart strategy would be choosing an appropriate channel that will help you publish your content on outlets that the audience pays attention to, instead of simply wasting energy by publishing it on the invisible channels.
Publish your content on the platforms that your audience trusts the most, and also pay attention to the type of information like video, image etc they would like to have on that platform.

Write an eye catching headline

Market research indicated that if 10 people read your headline, only two of them will actually click to view your complete content. The headline of your content is one of the major factors that is responsible for boosting your conversion rate. It should be designed in such a way that it helps persuade your audience to read the rest of your article and more of your content.
Scientists indicate that our average attention span has dropped to 8 seconds, which means that you need to create a catchy headline that gets hold of your customer’s attention within the time.
From the two billion posts that are created almost every day, if you want yours to be read and drive conversions, you need to create clarity headlines so that the customer instantly knows what your article or blog is about.
content headline
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Work on the click through rates

According to Advanced web ranking, an average customer gets to see almost 1900 banner ads per month. But as it comes to the click through rate, 71.33 of searches resulted in Google’s page one search click.
So, if you want to succeed and stand out from your competitors to drive conversions for your campaign, you need to improve your knowledge and skills and ultimately test them to come to conclusions.
If you’re writing a post on ways to catch leads, you need to test them for yourself before you write about it. Start by testing your headline to know which one drives most of the click through rates.

content marketing users vs nonusers
Image source: Scoop.It Blog
Content is one of the most powerful tools that is ruling the internet and proving to be a ladder for success for many businesses. When used correctly, content can help boost conversion rate by a significant number for an organization. The main idea is to research well and create an instant catchy content for your audience.

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