Monday, 4 November 2019

How a Business Toll Free Number Can Make a Difference

Every business wants their customers to open up to them so that the company gets to know what fits their needs adequately. But in times when a face to face conversation is hard to schedule and you have a large target market, communication is something that suffers most of the times.

Marketers do not want to lose any of their prospects but what if there is a major barrier to the communication between your business and customer. Majority of the times businesses don’t even realize what’s holding back their customers. But thanks to toll free number!

Research indicates that majority of customers get in touch with a business, when they know it’s a toll free number they have to call.

So, if you are inquisitive to know how a toll free number can add to your company.

Getting Leads

A toll free number ensures that you are inviting people from nearly everywhere to your business. Not only is getting leads one of the prime motives of a marketing department but also it is one the greatest ways to get people know and invest in your business.

There was a time when conventional business marketing tools such as television, radio or advertising through billboards gathered a lot of leads. But with changing time and advancement in technology many cost-effective and business efficient practices have come into play that has reformed the marketing strategies of businesses and improved the results significantly.

So, when it takes a lot of time for people to open up to your business when they have to actually pay for each second they talk to you, it is a lot easier to invite calls when there is no monetary constraint. A toll free number for a business is the easiest ways to get people reach you without any hesitation.

While you can use billboards or other advertising methods that you use for your business to market your toll free number, you can also add it to your landing page. This makes sure that people with the slightest of queries get in touch with you.

Most of the businesses spend a considerable amount of money in attracting leads, but can’t find why it doesn’t turn out to be as fruitful as they had wished for.

A toll free number can make a difference in getting leads that actually convert for your business.

Establishing Credibility

Businesses keep on trying to establish a long lasting relationship with the customer for various reasons. It helps the profits go up for the business as well as build a rapport among the customers.

A loyal customer not just brings revenue to the business but also helps get more converting customers. This is the reason why people at all levels work hard in a business to present the best of their organization and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. A toll free number adds much in establishing a good rapport and credibility in the eyes of customer.

When you are ready to not bother your customer regarding petty costs such as calls, it builds a sense of high regard in the eyes of the customer. And if you think that toll free numbers are just for big companies and enterprises, its time you pay heed to it once again. A toll free number comes easy and setting it up doesn’t involve much costs.

So, it doesn’t mind if you are a small company or a big budget firm, having a toll free number is always going to add up to your company’s credibility and enhance your image. Not only is this a key to a great first impression but also something that customers remember.

Easy to Remember

Toll free numbers can be one of the best ways to get to your customer’s mind. Every business wants their customers to remember them with a positive notion and in order to do so they put in all their hard work.

You can try a number of ways to be in your customer’s good books but it’s a great head start to have a toll free number for your business. A toll free number can be super easy to remember and dial. Since most of the numbers start with a fixed pattern, you can additionally choose which combination suits your business and is easily memorized.

Toll free numbers generally start with 1800-xxxx and are pretty easy to catch the eye than other numbers.  Not only will this invite more number of calls but also initiate more sales for your business.

People are more likely to memorize and get comfortable with toll free numbers and call you for business. It can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.


Portability is the freedom of location and toll free number is something that gives it to you completely. No matter whether your office is on the highest floor of a skyscraper or in a basement, a toll free number makes sure that your customers don’t know about it.  

So, if you plan to relocate your business, your customers can still reach you with the same toll free number like ever before. All you need to do is forward your calls to your available cell phone and all your contacts remain intact.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you change service providers, the toll free number stays with you forever. This means that once you buy the toll free number, it is yours in every situation no matter where you are located. With such a portability of telephony, it does make a significant difference to a business.

When companies move bases or plan on scaling it, a temporary shut -down of phone usually results in a considerable loss of leads. A toll free number can come to a businesses’ rescue in times of crisis like this and add to the potential of the company. And not only this, but you can actually track the callers of your toll free number easily.

This is to know where your majority of leads are coming from which will help you channelize your marketing efforts accordingly.

Toll free numbers can really change the marketing practices of business and help them concentrate their energy on other business critical tasks and decisions. Not only is this creating a difference to companies but also increasing their potential for betterment n modern competing markets.

Companies have now much more freedom to think and perform tasks freely than to be bound by telephony constraints. Apart from this, it is also cutting down huge telephony expenditure and inviting more profits in the form of converting leads for them.

So, a toll free number is in every way a win-win situation for all kinds of big and emerging enterprises.

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