Saturday, 23 November 2019

Hashtag (#) it right!

Hashtag (#) it right! - Social media marketing

Get noticed and be found in this internet frenzy world. Hashtagging has been around for years. It was started years ago and was adopted by Twitter later which then started trending. It has only been recently that the hashtag has gained momentum. Everyone online has realized the potential of being famous on the internet and the earning potential they have through it. Being viral and getting noticed has become one of the tickets to fame. Hashtagging helps you reach a larger audience. It is one of the tricks that make it possible to reach a larger audience. Following are a few reasons how, when and why should one use the hashtags.
  • One can get noticed and reach an audience worldwide
  • Hashtags help you track the post, images or any content on social media
  • The discovery of certain posts or pictures on a few social media apps categorize and make it discoverable
  • The popularity of brands has increased through the hashtags. The trending hashtags make the brand famous. Increases the brand awareness.
  • Don’t overuse them. Spamming is a big no-no when it comes to usage of hashtags
  • It is not a fad anymore. This creates a buzz not only online but offline as well.
  • Keep the hashtags relevant to the content. Do not use hashtags that are not relevant or completely out of the line.
  • It helps boost the advertisement and gain more following
  • Format the hashtags each time when you post. Do not use the same hashtags for all your posts.
  • Hashtags help a great deal when you run a campaign.
  • A unique hashtag helps you get noticed and makes you stand out.
So what are you waiting for? Start it right on your social media channels. Hashtagify that post and be found!

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