Monday, 4 November 2019

Grow your subscriber lists via Missed Call Alert Service

What is Misscall Service?
Misscall Alert Service is a Value Added Service (VAS)  where a virtual number is equipped to operate & receive the incoming calls and disconnect it without answering. Proper logs and notifications are maintained for such incoming call traffic. 

How to gather subscriptions easily & quickly?
Buy a virtual number (Visit Here)
Get it activated from the vendor for missed call alert service.
Post activation the virtual number is ready to receive the call traffic.
Below are some options to make a stronghold on those who gave miss calls by sharing an on time and valued acknowledgment via multiple another service/routes like SMS/Voice/Newspapers/Magazines
  1. Bulk SMS: Send Bulk SMS campaign on the target audience with the missed call number mentioned in the content.
    • Missed call can be acknowledged via another SMS or a pre-recorded voice message. 
    • Those who submitted the missed calls are the ones who showed consent to be contacted in the future for the products and services. So, these will be the registered subscribers/members.
    • Longcode facility enables the facility to receive an SMS on the virtual missed call number. 
    • The platform will maintain logs of all those who gave missed calls.
  2. Voice Broadcasting: Send Pre-recorded Voice call to the target audience. 
    • Those who responded via a DTMF input are the consented subscribers. 
    • The listener can submit the response via DTMF (Key Input) to submit the feedback or interest depending upon the recording played. Example: "Press 1 to get a callback, Press 2 to get the email. "The target audience will receive the pre-recorded voice message
    • The DTMF of each person will be recorded against the called number. Example: 90XXX-XXXXX pressed 1
    • Send an acknowledgment SMS to the person who submitted a response. Example: Those who Press any key should get this sms. "Thank you for showing interest in the activity. We will connect with you soon. Regards. "
  3. Publish the Virtual number in Newspaper/Magazine                                       
    • Most of the population read the newspaper every day. 
    • Example: Classified page to mention the openings of jobs, inquiry for any job, OR Advertisements printed with a virtual number to capture the response of interested people via a simple missed call from their mobile number.
  4. Now you have a list of numbers who showed interest in your campaign and are associated with you.
Benefits of using MissedCall Service
  1. Generate Leads
  2. Grow subscriber lists
  3. Survey/Feedback activities
  4. Election/Voting Campaigns
  5. Registration
How to buy the service?
Try the demo for 7 days before buying the plan. 

So, this is how you can explore and add new subscribers to your organization. This is the cheapest method to grow your subscriber list and grow your business. 

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