Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Google’s New Responsive Display Ads Let Advertisers Upload 15 Images

Google recently rolled out its new “Responsive Display Ads” update which will let digital marketers upload 15 images at a stretch, apart from 5 logos, 5 headlines and 5 descriptions. PPC Campaign managers, this surely is a boon for you.
So what does this update entail for a PPC Campaign Manager?
1) New Layout & Additional Options For Testing Your Campaigns
Google will be utilizing machine learning to test different ad arrangements to understand which of your Google Ads can perform better, increasing the possibilities of getting more productive results.
With every image or description, you would be able to see the precise performance which will be categorized under “Best, “Good”,”Low” and “Learning”
Responsive Display Ads
The responsive ads will automatically adjust to the format, appearance and screen size (available ad space).
The best part about this new roll-out is that it promotes marketers with relevant information and rich images, showing the most engaging and relevant ads to your targeted audience. According to the Google’s internal data, using multiple descriptions, images and headlines can land you 10% more conversions at the similar CPA when compared to the older version.
2) Picking Your Images For Ads
Google recommends the image size measuring 1200 x 628 or you can use an image which is
1.91:1 (landscape ratio). Google suggests using this size as it displays your ad without any glitches. Also, avoid placing the image too close to the text to avoid the clumsy look.
The text-on-image will be taking up 20% of your ad space. Also, you can crop the image max up to 5% horizontally.
For the logo, the image recommended size should be 1200 x 1200. In case you do not have the exact measuring image, you can use the image with 1:1 ratio or 128 x 128 which will be the best way to display your ads in all spaces.
Save Time On Creating Separate Display Ads
Digital marketers will no longer have to separate images to cover different types of adverts. With responsive, you can upload multiple iterations, and Google will run the most relevant & performing ad for you. Also, Google gives an option you with numerous stock photos to choose from.
Wrapping Up

The new display responsive ads from Google are presently available in beta version & Google intends to launch it for advertisers in a few months. Google’s responsive display ads are just an indication that the days of manual A/B testing have come to an end. All hail the era of machine learning!

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