Monday, 4 November 2019

Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) : New Feature

AMP aka Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source tool introduced recently by Google to help load the pages a lot faster than usual in mobile devices.

AMP In Email and Marketing Benefits

This new technology is very interesting and useful, especially for those who wish to display a lot inside a small email. Thus, converting a normal email into an advanced one. But How?
1. You can insert your website inside the email
2. The reader can fill from inside this mail without moving to any new link
3. Add beautiful visuals inside email which will load faster than usual
4. Whenever an email is opened the latest updates will be displayed (Mail was sent on Monday but was opened on Thursday- Offers, and update displayed will be of 
latest date not old ones).

This is very exciting as marketers will be able to deliver the latest information.

Few Examples of AMP

  • Insert Dynamic Content Inside Email

  • Fill Form in Email 
  • Beautiful, Fast and Engaging Experience 

Benefits of AMP

1. Improved performances of mobile pages.
2. Accelerated/fast mobile website with least development skills involved.
3. Build an interactive and engaging email content which can bind the customer to stop and check what's new.
4. Insert your complete website in the mail and allow customer to checkout new products, offers etc. in email itself.
5. No need for landing pages. Redirect the viewer to new link only when they wish to.
6. Helps to increase the website traffic. 
7. Easy marketing thus easy conversions.

What's In For Marketing Personnel?

With this new feature, AMP, it will be easy to track the complete tour of email by the customer. With this one email tour, marketers will be benefited with the:
1. New way to judge the user behavior, interest, and engagement. 
2. Filtered & Intelligent statistics reports will be generated.

Here at development team is set to start working on this new feature to provide a new experience to our customers.

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