Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Google Resizing E-Mail To Mobile Screens

Email Marketing Strategy-Online Biz Solutions
Email has been, and still occupy the most preferable marketing communication tool to interact with the target customers. As mobile usage has grown exponentially in all aspect of the web, so too has it affected email content. Google is bringing a great customer experience in order to make the reading more interesting and understandable. Google will automatically resize the email of the user adjusted to the reader mobile screen.
Online biz solution – An innovative online advertising digital marketing company in Pune works in the same line and support their customers by providing the enriched, easy to understand content with an effective email marketing service.
Google is bringing a responsive design in Gmail before the end of September. If a message supports the adaptive technology, Google’s email app will automatically resize it to help you to read the contents and tap links. Hence in the overall context content is king. If you have a strong content matching with the product will definitely add value in the mind of the customers. Online biz solutionhas provided great support to their clients in terms of Email Marketing support and content enrichment which later adds value to their business.
With the help of this blog, online biz solutions suggest their customers to build the customer specificcontent and theiremail should always reach to the inbox of the end user. Hence while designing the email, it is utmost essential to consider all the important hits of the email marketing like creation of subject line, email testing, usage of harvesting url etc.
In order to take an advantage of the email marketing, we suggest the customer to follow these while optimizing the email design.
– Use generous font sizes
– A single-column responsive layout works best
– Provide large call to action(CTAs) in your email content
– Left-aligned text is preferred
– Keep subject lines succinct
– Consider using pre-headers
– Always use clear, concise email contentand Many More…
Online biz solutions will be happy to assist you if you have any concern or support required for content generation and email marketing. To get the similar updates about the recent trend, keep our blog subscribed.
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