Thursday, 7 November 2019


Dear webmasters brace yourself for another Google panda attack. Till now, Google panda, had followed certain algorithms and penalized the low-quality websites by dropping them down in the top search results. All the search filters update had been based on the modification of algorithms. It is not so now. The update that has been planned is not based on algorithmic change but on manual data refresh, that changes the whole index. So, there is a good chance of recovery for websites ranks low in spite of good content and slipping of ranks for those whose content is poor. The updated Google panda is expected to target the whole website instead of the contents alone. The SEO community as a whole is really worried about this development. We at Technooyster the SEO services in Pune have tried to throw some light on these issues and find out strategies to be top on panda’s list.
Quality of the content is the key rather than quantity. Instead of concentrating on number of posts in the blog or website, it is important to concentrate on the content. The content should be useful to the readers or visitors of the site. Aim to provide useful and more detailed information of the topic in the website instead of giving insufficient details just to attract number of visitors and thereby increase the rank. Website cannot afford be ambiguous anymore. Visitors of the site should be able to understand the message clearly.
Enhance the website with visual representation by images or videos that support the content which helps the visitors to understand better. Also when the content is free of grammar and spelling mistakes, the impact is bound to be high with visitors. It is essential that the content is paragraphed, important points are highlighted and bulleted to express concisely. These simple techniques will be useful for the readers and thereby increase both the visitor count and the rank. In a nutshell, the readers or the visitors should be completely benefitted from the site.
Avoid content scraping. Provide unique and original information on your blogs or websites. The websites containing copied, translated, republished, modified version of other’s contents are stamped and ranked low by Google panda. To avoid, provide original content and remove any duplicate content that does not serve the purpose for the readers.
Information required on any subject, topic or field is available on internet. So, the dependency on internet has significantly increased compared to books. So be right on facts. The facts, data, and statistics that are provided in the website should be accurate and not vague. If the information provided on the site is not accurate, then the site is bound to suffer in rankings.
The usage of keywords should be relevant to the topic of the content. Generally, we use key words in Google search engine and visit the websites that are recommended by Google. So, the websites should not mislead users with irrelevant keywords. Some website use wrong keywords to increase the web traffic. This is actually a webmaster violation. Forget about rankings, these pages may not even appear on Google search in future.
Other practices like cloaking, irrelevant links, webspam are to be completely avoided. It is better to make a mark on social media as it impacts the website visits and thereby increases the ranking. But when you have hired Technooyster, the best SEO service in Pune, there is no need to fret about these. We follow white hat SEO technique where genuine strategies are practiced and all the rules and regulations are religiously complied.


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