Friday, 8 November 2019

Free courses on digital marketing – S1E70

Today I am talking about free courses on digital marketing. Yes, you heard it right. A lot of students and working professionals come up to me and ask me, “How do I start learning digital marketing”.
Someone said that there is no free lunch, but when it comes to digital marketing and online courses for Digital Marketing there are tons of courses out there available for free and these are not basic concepts, but comprehensive detailed courses.
So let’s get started!
Basic/ Fundamental courses:
First and foremost, for getting the basics of digital marketing and clearing your fundamentals of digital marketing:
I would suggest that you set up an account on Hubspot academy. – that is and they have basic course on Inbound digital marketing. Anyone who wants to start a career in digital marketing should definitely take that course.
Apart from that there is a basic digital marketing certification available from Google and you can find it at
Advanced courses:
For specific areas of digital marketing, whether its social media marketing, social media advertising, search engine optimisation or email marketing, there are a ton of advanced courses. You have some free courses available. Let’s get started one by one.
Social media advertising:
For social media advertising. what I would recommend as you go to and take the Facebook Blueprint certification. So taking the certification comes at a cost, but the course material in there for learning Facebook or Instagram ads is for free. You could also go to and search for “Introduction to social media advertising”. There is a course from Buffer which is pretty comprehensive course on social media ads.
Search Engine Optimization
When it comes to SEO, again there are certain resources out there but if I would have to single out maybe a few. You should definitely do the SEO course by Moz. One of the best SEO basics course by Moz is by Rand fishkin and available on
Also, ahrefs Academy has a fundamental course on SEO which you should go ahead and enroll yourself.
Email marketing
For email marketing, mostly either take the Mailchimp email marketing for eCommerce course, which is again available on skillshare. Or the summer series courses from Constant Contact.
Social media marketing
For social media marketing, again there is a mammoth or a huge course that was created by hootsuite and you can find that course on – the social media marketing course is comprehensive and detailed in nature.
Search engine advertising (SEM)
If you want to look at search ads, whether its learning Google ads or Bing Ads, both of these organisations, Google & Microsoft have training courses. For Bing Ads course, just search for Bing Ads training and you will find the link online.
For Google ads, you could just search for Google Academy for Ads and there are a ton of courses available there on Google ads. Whether it’s search advertising, mobile advertising, video ads, display advertising – you name it. Anything that falls under the purview of Google ads, they have a course for it.
Larry Kim has also created PPC advertising courses on
What I would like to conclude is that you its really up to you to decide whether you want to establish a career in digital marketing or not. It’s up to you to sign up for these free courses and take them because I believe that is a ton of learning material available online for you get started.
Best of luck to get started with digital marketing. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them. Do subscribe to the podcast!

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