Saturday, 23 November 2019

Forget Tinder! Facebook adds new dating Feature!

Exciting it sounds, isn’t? Only for the ones who believe in online dating and are bored of Tinder. Because I seriously hate online dating. What is it? Hi, Hello, Let’s Date! Love is so valuable but we millennials make it crap. Oh, remember that Kolkatta Metro Couple scene? We Indians love SRK for Romance. We need romance in every movie/serial. But we cannot take it if a couple hugs in public place? India, can you please stop pretending to be #modern. “Metro banane se unati nahi hoti hai, Mentality me bhi unati chahiye”
Woho! I drowned too much in love. So, the thing that rules the world now rules LOVE! Facebook added its latest dating feature and we should go gaga over it! Facebook could have launched it a decade ago, but then it’s finally happening. They had to convince the whole world that Facebook can be trusted, trusted again. With the new feature of dating, expectations regarding all kinds of privacy and its execution rise.
Zuckerberg said: Facebook is going to keep building. And dating is next on the list. “This is about building real long-term relationships,” Zuckerberg said last week. “Not just hook-ups!”
That’s why I appreciate Zuckerberg!
Here’s everything you need to know about the Facebook Dating.
  1. New Profile?
Only the interested ones can make a new dating profile through your existing profile. Your dates can only see your dating profile and not the standard one.
  1. New Application?
There is no distinct app such. So you are saved if you plan to double date by saying “Babe, I have no dating apps.”
  1. How do you match?
Facebook will get you a date based on similar interests and other data, of course, location. You can also connect to other singles by unlocking various groups and events on Facebook. The idea behind this is, you will find someone quicker as you have same interests.
  1. Is it Free?
Oh Yes! There will be “No Ads” and nor your standard profile will be targeted through the interests based on your dating profile.
  1. Where do you message?
They are coming up with different feature and not Messenger or WhatsApp unless both the parties decide to do so. It will be restricted to texts only, which means no videos and jazz. You know why….. it’s a dating app bro!! 😉
There you go!! All the singles – Time to Celebrate! Please don’t fall into trouble guys! And No double dating.. grrr!! For the ones who got offended. Chill Bro! Your Life Your Rules! Have Fun. Tada!

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