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Factors You Can’t Afford to Overlook When Going for a Website Revamp

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Revamping your website can add a breath of fresh air to your existing website. Most of the companies opt for web redesigning at different phases of their business lifecycle. The reason for website revamping may differ from company to company depending upon factors like changing market trends, new business requirements, scalability, etc. IKF,a leading brand in digital marketing solutions and a website design & development company, offers top quality redesigning services. Our services have boosted clients’ conversion rates, enhanced user-experiences, and increased business revenues.
While the restructuring of the website can turn out to be highly lucrative, it's very important to keep crucial considerations in mind as you move forward. Following are some of the imperative factors that need to be considered before starting the revamping process:

# Functionality and Navigation:

Know how many clicks it takes for the visitors to access the desired webpage. Easy navigation allows the audience to easily avail the required info. Creating well-structured navigation is of immense importance especially for bigger sites that have multiple webpages. Users convenience can help you earn positive and rewarding engagements.

# Stay Consistent:

While giving a fresh look to your website, don't miss out on the essentials of the existing page. Irrespective of the size of your website, there will always be some sections that will remain functional and effective for your audience. Take time to analyze your CTA, webpages, and Content that are performing well. Also, make sure to include all the vital segments that will add elements of consistency and familiarity to your new website.
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# SEO Audit:

Prior to mapping down the new website make sure to perform a comprehensive SEO audit. This will help you identify the strengths, pitfalls, challenges, and opportunities of your web architecture. Accordingly, you can determine which aspects of the current website needs to be kept intact, and what can be done away with. This will also guide you in creating a roadmap for the newly structured website with respect to what you aim to achieve through the organic search.

# Evaluate Your Competitors:

Spying into the competitor's website is no sin. It can actually help you explore better and more productive website development strategies. Assess your competitor's sites to find out what are the outstanding features that can add value to a website. Proper evaluation can also help you learn from their mistakes. Find out the missing links like what more can be added to encourage prompt query leading to purchase or what are better ways to engage the customers. These endeavors can definitely turn out to be a game changer.

# Upgrade Content Strategy:

A fresh, relevant and updated content strategy has the power to boost your user engagement and search engine ranking. With a remarkable experience in the website designing industry, we as a web application development company would like to give you some vital suggestions for your content strategy.
  • Generate new content for your website, eliminate older posts or simply rewrite them.
  • Expand pages and posts that are performing well.
  • Use SEO audits to encourage maximum user engagement by publishing blogs when your users are most active.
  • Utilize different content pieces like engaging product copies, informative whitepapers, updated eBooks, timely press releases and more.
successful website is one that has a clear and crawl-friendly layout, relevant and optimized content, a sound network of inbound links, and measurable analytics. Make sure these factors are not overlooked while you opt for revamping. Once confident about the viability of your website’s relaunch, set the ball rolling and witness the influx of business advantages.
We at IKF with over 19 years of experience have been helping brands and organizations put a stronger digital footprint. Connect with us to understand how we helped over 850+ organizations transform their websites to conversion-driven web strategies. Our strong team of 60+ Digital warriors awaits to serve you with an unmatchable consulting approach and best industry standards.

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