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Digital Marketing is a rapidly growing force in the current market environment and it seems it will soon replace the traditional method of marketing. In the current market scenario with growing technology and competition one cannot think about not having any Digital Marketing service at their disposal. A Digital marketing agency offers an array of services like Website designing, Reputation building, Sale engagement, Content creation etc.
In 2011, the digital marketing research demonstrated that marketing through the mobile and tablets was 200% less than that of the following decades. In this year, the total value was $2 billion. The development was in a geometric development since it increased to $6 billion in 2012. The competitive progression calls for more enhancement in the profession works and experts have been increased the field.
From 2013 to March 2015, the expense total escalated was 1.5 billion dollars over the preceding years. There was a remarkable progress up to this existing time. The statement by the International Record of Advanced Research Foundation verified that India is going to notice the glorious period of the Web sector between 2013 to 2018 with amazing progress and secular growth adoption for Online Marketing, Social Networking, Search, Internet Articles, and Solutions related digital marketing.
Nowadays, digital marketing progression in India is at its apex, which is still continuing. Several aspects have resulted in this development. The utilization of connectivity resources has tremendously modified in the past years. Nobody actually believed to enjoy a reputable contract online. Various aspects are discovered to promote the progression of digital marketing in India. Previously, online service was solely intended for the wealthy. Now you can find a terrific alternation in the way of life of the middle class.
Every individual has authority to access the Internet in India. The Internet and 3G penetration totally changed the promotion scenario for both marketers and consumers. It was determined that alterations in way of life and daily activities had raised the amount of consumption. The quality of usage in the metropolitan centers of India is on a superior side. This is due to many of them doesn’t have time for shopping. Moreover, people desire various other things to be performed at their personal comfort.
The following evaluation implies the scale of Digital Marketing business in India:
34% of the firms already had an in built digital marketing strategy in 2016.
72% marketers assume that standard form of advertising is not enough this also can make the business income to be improved by 30% at the end of 2017
Mobile Marketing: There was a point when eMarketing was completely the factor for all vendors. Providing numerous advantages, it had virtually modified the face of traditional marketing. Nowadays, with the addition of mobile marketing benefits has introduced a lot more connectivity. Social networking is playing a major step in marketing. Gradually, it is remarked that 92% of social media consumers are from the mobile phones.
Based on the investigation produced by the Cyberspace and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI, 2008), connectivity has turned out to be an actual mass communication applications possessing about 286 million records in 2008. The Indian telecoms industry has enormous expansion opportunities and according to IAMAI is estimated to go beyond 500 million by 2010. As per TRAI, the number of cellular subscribers centered in India expanded to 980.81 million users in the second quarter of 2015.
However, the question stands how to choose a Digital marketing agency among so many, trying to offer the best. Here are some tips on how one can choose a Digital Marketing company: –
1) Decide what you need
Depending upon your business requirement and goal, you may choose different Digital marketing services like SEO optimisation, presence building on social media, content creation or research & demographic study.
Top Ranking of your website in search engine
Double your Enquires and customers base
Branding of your business, services and product
To increase sales of your service and products
2) Prepare you Budget
When it comes to assigning your digital marketing ideal budget, You need to be strategic while investing funds. While preparing the budget you should consider the parameters such as location of the business entity and that of Digital Marketing agency, competition in the market, expected outcome & impact from the digital marketing services, the time frame for which the service is required and expected future revenue
3) Compare your choices
After you have built you budget and you know what you want, research and gather information on Digital Marketing agencies and compare their strengths, check for their presence and check their past success & failures. There might be a Digital Marketing Company in Pune with good presence and track record but with no relevant experience in offering Digital marketing to your business. So, you need to compare smartly, get in touch with the agencies and discuss the parameters for the business requirement, get free consultations and ask for similar cases dealt with them and the results and the references. Also, don’t blindly go with the recorded testimonials shown as references because they may be fabricated.
4) Quote finalization
To be honest is a must with the agencies about your budget, so they can offer the required services accordingly. Further, you should remain flexible and not stick to some number as it may result in comprise in quality.
So, these are just some of the important tips that you should consider while choosing a Digital Marketing company in Pune. Though, we understand that each company has diverse needs and the best way is preparing a list of must-haves and adhering to these fundamental tips provided above. These fundamental tips will help you in getting a clear outlook and in choosing a Digital Marketing Company in Pune for your business growth.
Note: Opting for Digital Marketing Company in Pune for an enterprise might be a challenging process, therefore invest some time, investigate a bit, be convenient as the circumstance requires and then you’ll choose the best firm to take your business to the second level.

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