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Everything You Need to Launch an Employee Development Program in an Organization

Let’s go to a flashback and clear your vision of your first job which you joined immediately after your college. We were super duper excited! Willing to earn anything and everything, were eager to work our best for the company. Altogether you were in your woohoo mode!

And Now?

Either you would have left the company or most of the colleagues of yours would have left. That’s what happens and the company struggles with the employee turnover.

But have you ever thought why is happening?

Why are people abandoning you?

For sure there is a pack of reasons like they get better opportunities, more growth they want to change and much more, but lack of development opportunities is also one of the major reasons for it. In the race of gathering assets for our company and achieving excellence, we forget the most important asset that is our employees.

You establish one company with one motive to provide value to your audience, but it’s not only you who are struggling to achieve your vision and mission, your goals and objectives. You have a pack of people behind you who are working day and night scuffing their shoes just to achieve your dreams.

But what if those people are unaware of what they are working for?

What if they’ll come and work for their own development and neglect your growth?


So, this is how it should be- if they are working for your development you should take stand for their development.

Employee Development Program at A Glance

  • Employee development program is a step taken within a company to motivate and encourage their employees personally and professionally.
  • Employees when going through this program they feel more valued and important for their organization.
  • Developing employees personally and personally help the organizations to achieve better and more than what they are achieving now.

So this was a short glance now coming to the area that - Why Employee Development Program?
You must be thinking that why it is this only which is so much needed for your company. So here are 4 reasons why your organization needs an employee development program

1. Attracts employees and make them productive

The hiring process is not only a vital, but a challenging process too for any company. Let your new hirings hit the floor by the complete understanding of their position and organization’s goals from the very start.

Here are some of the effects that your organization can see after introducing an employee development program in attracting and hiring employees:

It will appear as a benefit

Including employee development program in your hiring process can make your employees feel that how much their presence is affecting the company and hence can become a competitive advantage for you.

Will build loyalty

Providing training and development to employees make them feel important and hence make the loyal to your organization.

Will bring in good candidates

Providing any sort of training or even providing a booklet about your company which shows that how much your organizational goals are important to you, which will help in attracting employees who are seeking for self-growth and eagerness to work.

2. More engaged employees

If you’ll simply hire people and will give them a desk for sure their daily routine will become to see the clock and count the time left to leave the office.

But providing a development program increase the hunger of an employee to dig more and eagerness to work more. An employee who gets bored up with their work is good for nothing and the only thing they can create is a disaster for your company. An employment development program can help you with:

  • Removing boredom from employees.
  • Avoid negative attitudes which hamper better employee relations in a company.
  • Generates eagerness and challenging attitude in the employees.

3. Gives you the future goals

Employee training and development program requires a lot of preparation and focus on few questions to train your employees according to such as:
  • What sort of leadership do you need?
  • What changes in the industry that I can expect?
  • What do my clients need from my employees?
These questions will take you slowly to sore of success.

This program is something that can’t be followed every year as followed this year. After all, your organization’s culture is changing. The needs of your customers are changing. Everything is running so fast so how come you expect a profit from the same training process. Evolution is required and this evolution can bring a huge change in your company.

4. Provides higher retention rates

That is what we all are working for!

Employee Development Program can help you a lot in increasing your sales. One good employee is equal to money in your bank.

This program gives your employees a thorough knowledge of your company which increases their understanding of your customers and your working pattern. When your employees will start matching rhythm with you then for sure nobody can beat you in achieving a higher retention.

So, these were the four benefits that you can enjoy if you’ve started using this amazing technique. But trust me, this is not so easy to train and develop your employees.

If after seeing and calculating all the benefits, you’ve decided to go with this program. Here’s a guide for you that will help you further in the proper establishment of this program.

You can divide your employees in a two-phase program.

First 90 days phase

  • These are the newcomers who need much more attention because they are the ones who will future of your company.
  • Making the individual learn about your organization and reinforce what she/he has learned.
  • Managers have to monitor adherence and understanding about the organization’s policies and plans.
  • Keep eyes on your employees and be real-time while providing any feedback.

90 days+ phase

  • Here comes the experienced one. But it is not necessary that if they are experienced they will be more productive. You always have to keep brushing up your employees.
  • Now as a manager, you must have developed a relationship with them. So try to understand their strengths and weaknesses as well as skills and wills
  • Divide your employees into categories and choose their training time and severity accordingly.

Categories could be like

  • Poor Performer
  • Underachiever
  • Solid performer
  • Start achiever
So, now You know all about Employee Development Program. Now Go to the starting of the page and read the line again “Everything you need is an employee development program”

Yes! This is a fire way to
  • Increase the growth of your employees
  • Gaining retention
  • Driving internal talent
Make a plan, set your mind and just go for it!

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