Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Everything About Google Algorithm Updates You Should Know!

google algorithm updates
Did you wake today morning with a shock of having your website ranking gone down? Well nothing to this surprise by Google, it has impacted many websites out of which healthcare and finance segment has been mainly hit. Google has an incredible history of algorithm updates to optimize the working of its search engines and other components associated with it. It has been noted down that many of slower websites showed improved speed upon the update and many websites SEO has gone down drastically. Let’s look out changes Google has bought and how someone can use Digital Marketing as a tool to improve their ranking back to top!

Using PANDA To Kill Spammed Content…

Google Panda Algorithm is the latest update which plays a crucial role in chucking down the spammy content. Many Google users requested for removal of duplicate, spam, low-quality content. The result of this is the SEO ranking of many websites have gone down, specifically those with poor content or those websites who just put content for SEO ranking blindly. Content Marketing can be a Saviour… If you look at Google policy you will find that its algorithm put forth good ranking for content that is helpful for the customer and is of good quality. Content marketing is a new normal for furbishing your websites and bringing more traffic along with educating the mass.

Google PENGUIN Putting Off Backlinking Gun…

Google Penguin is another algorithm update which is similar to Panda but mainly knocks off the unnatural backlinking activities. Backlinking activities have been widely used for improving the SEO of a website. But make a note today! Penguin is triggered by Buying links, lack of anchor text diversity, poor quality links and keywords stuffing. Make sure to avoid unnatural backlinking and use authentic and natural sources of backlinking. Save yourself by looking out for a digital marketing agency that can help you save your armours!

Google HUMMINGBIRD Can Knock You Down…

Hummingbird -Another weapon of Google to improve the user search experience. Unlike Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird works on the keyword search. It improves the user search experience and put forth’s the content by determining the exact context of user requirement. Thus using good keywords in the content becomes very crucial to managing the ranking of your website.

MOBILEGEDDON Building New M-Experience…

It focuses on improving the user experience on mobile. Many of the users now a day’s uses mobile for searches but it was observed that any websites are not mobile friendly and often crashes. This causes hindrances to many users. The update focuses on certain requirements for a website to be mobile friendly such as – Good design, appropriate font size, Avoid unplayable elements, avoiding intrusive elements, image optimization, etc.

Google FRED Catching You All Up…

If you found a sudden drop in traffic on your website then chill and relax you know the culprit – Google Fred. Well in a way the update is helpful for the user and most hated by those who use SEO improving strategies extravagantly. Fred focuses on following –Aggressive paid advertisements (The algorithm favours good content over paid ads), Good content containing websites and poor user experiences such as websites with high pop-ups or poor quality UI/UX, etc.

How To Recover The SEO?

Definitely, Google is working towards improving the search experience. Improve the quality of content on your website along with improving the user experience. It has been observed that the website with good content and user experience showed an increase in ranking or no fall down in ranking. Now since you know the points where the new Google update might be hitting you down, buckle yourself to withstand it with best digital marketing tactics.

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