Saturday, 23 November 2019

Ever been bullied? INSTAGRAM Takes a Stand – New Update

Yes! I guess the percentage of the number of people getting bullied is higher than the ones who bully others because I have seen it happening everywhere schools, colleges, workplace, among family, friends, etc. etc. and the biggest platform the SOCIAL MEDIA. God!! when are these psychopaths going to learn their lessons? It’s a ***king crime darling! People have been reported to go in depression and even kill themselves. I don’t know how many efforts the government is taking but Instagram is surely taking a step towards solving a critical issue – “BULLYING”
2 years ago Instagram did announce to filter the comments on the basis of keywords. And now they are all set to pull down the comments which might put someone else’s spirit down. The latest updates say Instagram has a tool which will identify any language/words/comments which are not appropriate. Once it identifies, it will automatically remove it. Any comments which are rude/inappropriate against someone’s appearance/character will be pulled off. For which you will need to switch on the “Hide Offensive Comments” button and here you go safe and happy! It’s your choice, you can disable the feature too.
We cannot really predict how well Insta will do it. But let’s appreciate the efforts guys!
Be good, Be kind! And better share the blog and the great news! Tada!!

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