Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Essential Services for WordPress Website Maintenance

IKF provides WordPress website maintenance services to make your business hasslefree
There can be no denying that WordPress today enjoys a powerful hold in the online platform. According to the latest reports 2019, WordPress powers more than 30% of the websites on the internet. Its ever-growing popularity owes to its user-friendly features- Easy to use and free & open-source content management system. However, when it comes to maintaining a WordPress website, there is a significant divide-Some prefer to hire experts for maintaining their websites while others believe, “I can take care of my site”.
So, does hiring WordPress website maintenance services makes sense and can it really help business owners or bloggers?
The answer is a definite YES. Whether you are running a firm or are an ardent blogger with the time crunch, IKF can help you maintain your WordPress website effectively. Equipped with a team of experts who know the knick-knacks of WordPress websites, we can keep your site updated and functionally viable and thus allow you to focus on other priorities.
Before we go on to explain how we can add value to your WordPress website through our services, let's at first place explore why do you need WordPress Website maintenance services.
 Well, if you simply don’t care about being a WordPress expert and feel your time is better spent working on your blog’s popularity and expanding business frontiers, you may eventually find website issues, hard to ignore.
If at all you decide to take out time to perform your own website maintenance, you may end up committing mistakes, culminating in graver issues that may become difficult to resolve. These are some of the nightmares a WordPress maintenance company like IKF can keep you safe from. In short, we as a website development agencyspecializing in website maintenance offer services that will ensure a secure and a smoothly running website.
Now that you are aware of the importance of WordPress website maintenance services, let’s explore how our services can help you:
  • Ikf provide the best WordPress website maintenance services in Pune
  • Regular Updates:

    Our experts who are well-versed with all the WordPress maintenance technicalities offer WordPress core updates, plugin updates and theme updates. These form the key elements of all WordPress maintenance efforts which if overlooked make your site an easy target for the hackers.
  • Backups:

    Website backup is the most ignored thing by the website owners. In this case, if something goes wrong it becomes really difficult to retrieve the database and files that you need the most. We take care of the daily backups of your website and store all data at secured place.
  • FoolProof Security:

    WordPress is an open-source platform managed by a big community. All the plug-ins and themes are mostly developed and maintained by the community. Poor coding, outdated themes and plugins pose security threats to your website. Our team keeps a tight check-up over these issues. Scans, malware checks, and security monitoring are our core deliverables that will make your site safe from all unwanted irregularities.
  • Uptime Monitoring:

    Your website is an online shop that requires 24/7visibility to your clients. You are likely to lose your potential customers if your website goes down for a while. Uptime monitoring plays a very crucial role in ensuring your online visibility is not compromised. We keep a watch on your website to identify if any downtime issue arises and fix the same then and there.
  • SEO:

    Making online content popular is the goal of all website owners. We offer the best SEO services to help your website enjoy good Google ranking. Our SEO experts with their digital marketing expertise and sound SEO knowledge can help your pages rank higher in search engine results. This improves your site’s visibility and can you help you take off.
Having said all, if you want to have a successfully running WordPress website then don’t hesitate to opt for WordPress website maintenance services. We are an established name in website development in Pune, offering a wide array of website maintenance services. Our solutions cover a whole spectrum of services that will save your precious time and keep your website problem-free.

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