Saturday, 23 November 2019

Era Of Public Relations Along With Digital Marketing

Since PR and Digital Marketing have started going hand-in-hand the branding strategies have gone a level higher than ever before. Digital marketing is a boon to the Public Relation Industry. Gone are the traditional ways of public relation activities. PR is much more than media stories & is touching boundaries of advertising and marketing. Building brands, maintaining and diversifying them have become easier with digital marketing.
Social Media is a super platform for public relations. All the likes, comments, shares, tweets turn out to be the goodies in the hamper of social media. Everybody is aware of everything that’s on social media, so don’t you think even you should there be promoting your brand? It’s a Yes, we live in a century where what’s on Facebook is trusted more than what’s in the newspapers. Digital PR is all about SEO, content, and connectivity with your audience. PR doesn’t stop only for brands and companies but stars, celebrities, artists; every second person needs to build his public relations.
It’s all about connecting with your target audience, customers, followers, etc. For Business firms, it is regarding how customers build more trust in their products and services whereas for influencers, celebrities etc. PR is more about connecting with their followers, influencing them and long-term relations. All the digital marketing elements such as SEO, Social Media, targeting audience, building awareness, popularity, etc help in building public relations. And what is amazing? You can measure your ROI for PR too. Public relation is an opportune mix of communication, timing, audience targeting, distribution channels (publications), amplification, seeding, and cross promotions. The scope of PR has become wider as digital marketing flourished itself in the market.

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