Saturday, 23 November 2019

Email Marketing – Who And Why You Should Use It?

Every business owner today, whether small or large are wanting to use different techniques of marketing to bring more business. To mention, Email marketing is considered to be one of quickest form of marketing which is being adapted by many. It is quite visible that the benefits of email marketing are certainly the reason. Keep on reading further and you will understand the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing with some insights and how to plan and execute for your business.
The most visible advantage of email marketing is that it can help you reach your audience with a broader scope. Unlike those historic methods like radio, television or even outdoor, email is more personalized, techie, and people might love to read if it interests them. Most importantly, all this can happen with minimal efforts. Of course, we know what our potential is, hence this activity can become even more suitable gradually.
Email marketing is no less than digital marketing. The only difference that email marketing holds is that it is pretty affordable, unlike digital marketing which is an expensive technique. So if you maintain a list of your loyal customers or those who visit your store offline or online, this is surely going to help you generate more people coming to your business. The costs are something which is nearly to you regular operating costs. Hence, you can certainly use this if cost is your constraint.
The only disadvantage we see over here is that your emails can also be considered as spam. This can prove a little expensive on your efforts. The reason behind this is that your audience receive a number of emails from everywhere, hence you need to make your email stand out in a way that they at least click on it to read it. This problem has reached epic proportions and the abundance of spam infiltrating the email boxes of innocent Internet users has to be cautious and suspicious about any email they receive which is unsolicited and appears to be promoting a particular product or service.
Emails which contain a subject line which is not building interest in them to click will be automatically sent to the spam folder. There are times when your email can be clicked if the receiver doesn’t really know about you. But this in turn, can be another disadvantage, because if they don’t know you, they might not be ready to believe you too. Lastly, you can be unsubscribed and may not be able to email them again.
That is why, please make sure that your email should suffice the interest of the receiver. Your content should rule the email and so much so that it highlights the main things about your business and nothing else. Readers don’t have much time to do this, only a few may read completely, and trust me you don’t even want to miss them, right!

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