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Email automation for startups: Run a successful business

Automation, for any business, regardless of size and niche, plays a key role in order to maximize productivity and minimise time. When it comes to startups that are running their business using email marketing, automation has become an essential organisational transformation to ease their work process and operational management.

Besides, startups often have found with a shortage of personnel and marketing budget thereby sometimes they become out of the competition too. So, if you are a startup and have less number of members and marketing budget as well as getting trouble to reach out your audiences at designated times, email automation is the perfect solution for you.

By employing the right email automation software with the right marketing campaign, you can bring great results for your startup.

                                              What is Email Automation                                        

Email automation is the most effective way of engaging in email marketing that reflects better result for your campaign. It eventually boost sales by sending emails automatically based on customer behaviour and activity.

Basically, email automation is a combination of software and tactics that work together to send highly personalized and useful content to your email recipients at designated times.

Once you set up an automated email campaign, it will automatically be sent to the new users as soon as they sign up for the account. Also, it allows you to communicate with your customer when it is required and gain customer's attention.

In other words, Email automation is the right process of sending the right message to the right person at the right time and most interestingly without making much efforts. At its best, it allows the marketers to target maximum prospective customers for their email marketing campaign and also helps them to keep engaged or updated with their current audiences.

Needless to say, it will further boost their campaign stability among the customers and leads them to more profit.

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   Why Startups Should Consider Implementing Email Automation    

3.0 billion and increasing!
That’s how many numbers of email accounts are being used worldwide. Thereby chances are very high of getting engaged with new email users.  So in that case, it would be a bad idea of creating and sending a welcome note manually to every new email subscriber, instead, you could use email automation facility.
Through this automation process, you can nurture your customer relationships without lifting a finger and can ultimately turn your new customers into repeat ones.

Also, there are several reasons that startups should consider using email automation.
1.Nurture Your Leads                                                                 
At this age, when almost every person is using an email account on a daily basis, marketing through email becomes a great way to nurture your leads. However, it’s not as easy as its sound, you have to undergo quite a real effort. What if you get a chance to make all this easy. Wouldn’t be it so good to relax and have marketing done for you by it self.

Well, automated campaign can make this possible for you. From sending out a series of welcome emails to follow up emails, you can do everything with this automation process.
2.Save Time for Other Activities                                                
Email automation is arguably a huge time saver. By using this process, you can create multiple campaigns and can schedule them way ahead of time and date. This will help you to save your time for some other activities.
3.Reduce Costs of Your Marketing Campaign
Startups which are looking to manage their budget efficiently, this is the perfect solution for them. With email automation, they’ll be able to manage many tasks on their own, including the creation and distribution emails related to their campaign page.
4.Efficiently Boost Customer Engagement and Retention
Sending out a personalized and triggered email to your customers at designated times could be the best way to engage with them. Besides, these effective emails can also let encourage your subscriber to make additional purchases.
5.Easy to Segment Customer Lists
Customer segmentation has always been a unique method to approach click-through rate. And, marketing automation software allow you to automate marketing processes like customer segmentation in a perfect manner. You can segment your leads by their location, interests, age and gender.
6.Use Metrics to Improve Emails
By using metrics for performance indicators such as delivery, click-through rate, you will be able to analyse the overall success of your marketing campaign as well as will get a chance to find out which types of emails perform better.

                                            When To Use Automation                                            

When a User Signs Up for your email list: - Always send a welcome email to the new users when they sign up for your email list. These emails will enable you to introduce your company to your new subscriber.

In a study, it is found that welcome emails are among the most opened emails that recipients ever received in their inbox. Also, it is better to let your new subscriber know that they have been added to the list.
1.For Email Series
If your marketing product or service is related to anything that involves some kind of online courses or tutorials, you should use automated email series.
Rather than providing a complete tutorial at once, do break it up into series and deliver on a scheduled basis. This will further help you to increase engagement with your email subscriber.
2.For an Annual Message
This might be related to someone’s birthday or an anniversary as well as other festive or holiday seasons like Christmas, new year, so on.
Sending an email to your subscribers on their special day can make them feel good. It is also an effective way to get in touch with them for a longer time.
3.Based on Website Activity
Whenever you found your subscribers interested in downloading specific link or materials on your linked website, just send them to follow up information through email automation.
4.Follow Up After a Purchase
Instead of targeting new customers, focus on your present customers. Also, send them an email including thanking note and some other similar product list based on what they have purchased.
5.Ask Feedback
Always send an email to get your customers important feedback about their experience with your product and service. You can also ask them to share about your products to their relatives.

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