Friday, 8 November 2019


E-commerce SEO is not a simple game. One can never expect to start an online store with a wonderfully designed website and mobile app by listing long list of products and expect Google to provide them with customers. That is not how it works. Most of the products available online have already been listed in a countless number of e-commerce websites and the search engines have their own way of determining which gets the most attention and the top rankings.
In this highly competitive business world, only the best survives. Hence, there is a competition among businesses to do their best and stay ahead of others. As a result, businesses have to ensure that their marketing and promotions strategies remain always updated. Not only that, they also need to always focus on managing their page rankings and keep them search engine optimized at all times. Thus, SEO for e-commerce websites is the necessity for every online business.
Let us now look at some very commonly found e-commerce SEO blunders which a business must avoid at all times to ensure maximum profitability, customer retention and of course optimized search rankings.
  1. Poor or irrelevant content of website
  2. Old and outdated webpages
  3. Avoid copying manufacturer’s product discretion as it is
  4. Not to ignore power of social media
  5. Publishing customer reviews on webpages

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