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Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful SEO Campaign

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Amidst trillions of websites, what is ‘it’ that can make your site stand out in the digital labyrinth? An aggressive and dynamic technique like SEO can strengthen your online presence and give a tougher time to your competitors. But, is it that easy?
SEO is a fast-changing and versatile marketing technique which is continuously evolving with time. A successful SEO technique requires to keep a track of emerging trends, algorithm changes, technological advancements etc. This can be a tricky task but also the rewarding one. We, as a SEO company in Pune, offer effective SEO strategies that help businesses gain competitive strength by improving their search engine results and increasing online brand visibility.
Here, we provide you with insights on the key Do’s and Don’ts of an SEO campaign that will help you optimize your online business revenue:

# Do: Publish Fresh Content Regularly:

Google loves fresh content and this is the reason why most of the top ranking sites keep updating their content. Get into the habit of publishing new content at least once weekly. Keyword-stuffed content will not please the Google algorithm, providing substance and value to the reader is important. So, if you want to win over Google for better search engine ranking make sure every content piece has something meaningful to offer to the audience. Content that attracts, engages and delights audience will make a world of difference.

# Do: Work on Improving UE (User Experience):

User-Experience can have a very strong influence on your website’s search engine ranking. It can help your business reach its potential in organic search results and also achieve optimal conversions. Make your UE as streamlined as possible for your audience by using a clear navigation system, creating a sitemap, maintaining loading speed, offering quality and relevant content etc. These metrics will help you earn visitors’ engagement. If users spend time on your website and revisit your page, Google’s ranking algorithm will definitely work in your favor.
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# Do: Focus on Local Search:

If you want to outsmart your competitors start thinking smart. The local search strategy can be instrumental in making your business popular in targeted areas where your business is based. With increasing number of smartphone users, a location-specific SEO strategy will help you appear higher in mobile search when users search in your service area. Focus on optimizing your website with local SEO techniques like building citations, picking geo-focused keywords, verifying your Google My Business page, etc. and earn the business rewards you are longing for.

# Don’t: Go Overboard with Backlinks:

Backlinks are good for SEO but if you think that innumerable backlinks will benefit your business then let me put it right, it can actually harm your website. Google, the most popular search engine, no longer rewards the websites with the highest number of backlinks. With the changed perspective where quality rules over quantity, if your anchor text is not developed in a natural way and is manipulated for ranking, your website can be penalized, leading to a sharp drop in the ranking.

# Don’t: Use Spammy Tricks:

Don't think you can manipulate Google with your spammy tricks. Using duplicate content, creating doorway pages (low-quality websites solely for a link to your own site), etc., cannot serve your purpose. Google algorithms have their ways to either reject your content or may even penalize your website for employing the manipulative technique. If you don't want to hurt your rankings, then opt for an ethical way.
SEO is a specialized domain that requires a factual understanding of the evolving techniques, so don't waste your time and resources on inexperienced agencies. Tie up with IKF for competitive SEO campaigns and make your website rank top on search engines. Get in touch with our team of SEO experts to gain the services of the best digital marketing company in India and witness your business scaling new heights.

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