Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Do you Own a Restaurant? Gear It Up With Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is gearing up the pace with rapid changes in the technology and is also being adapted by different businesses to drive more revenues and earn an edge in the market.

Just like all other businesses, cloud telephony is the ultimate solution for the restaurant business. Cloud telephony solution has no territorial barrier of space and time.

Now you can establish offices at far off places based on the demand of your business and customers and manage business operations with cloud-enabled PBX Business Phone System that keeps everyone glued. You are supposed to select suitable features for your need and just pay less or more as per your use. It relieves you from worrying about extra investment.

How can your business benefit from Cloud Telephony?

These services are essentially voice and SMS services which are very cost effective. In cloud telephony, the existing telephone is upgraded using cloud services. It replaces phone systems like PBX, EPBAX.

Cloud telephony is a service that transforms your business phone to a company phone system that is entirely based on the cloud. You do not need to install large pieces of hardware equipment.

Cloud Telephony provides many beneficial features in one place, that could meet the growing demands and needs of Small and medium enterprises (SME) or large businesses.
It attracts more customers and maintains the existing base of customers with increased loyalty. The cost is very less and manageable. This provides a good opportunity in conceptualizing the business model around it to exploit it fully.  

After all, Restaurant is all about the customer experience. This begins from the moment they call you for information or order on availability of choosing menu items and its instant serviceability at the specified address.

The main operations of a restaurant can be automated like order booking, its delivery, and quarries. All these verifications can be done very conveniently.

How the restaurants can conceptualize their business model around it to benefit itself

Let's assume that a restaurant is using the cloud telephony services along with internet services efficiently to stay connected to the need of customers. The owners and managers should first tightly incorporate cloud telephony system in their frontend and backend system hosted on the website.

A better and attractive APIs for such prime operations related to customers should be on the websites along with mobile Apps for customer interfaces. It helps integrate and provide seamless communication between customer and restaurant manager.

So a customer very conveniently connects to a restaurant or franchise to know the status of their order or queries along with other promotional details.

The privacy is maintained

With the cloud telephony, the two people are contacted through a virtual number which first connects to a dialler and subsequently to the dialed persons. This system allows a restaurant of its delivery or other services provisions to contact customers separately. Thus customer privacy is maintained.

Re-routing to right outlet in the right location

This technology provides auto tracking of locations using the caller’s number. This helps the restaurant to re-route the calls to the right outlet in the caller's vicinity. It also helps to eradicate the possibility of wrong outlet connection and so the clinching of order is very high.

So restaurants may have just one number for customer which connect the customer to the nearest outlet of its location, making it very easy for both the customer and restaurant owner. They just need to focus on the good recipe for better taste.

It is easy to set up Cloud Telephony system

So we know that the telephony is the best way to reach out to the customer with your lucrative business models including offers, schemes, etc. and receiving or registering order and providing subsequent services become so easy on this cloud telephony. This keeps your clients glued to you and happy.

It is important to know that 70% customers are using this technology for customer support and their engagement. It is must that a restaurant sets up a call center with a telephonic customer support based on Cloud Technology. As this technology is scalable, any further implementation of new features or system will be scaled up to this technology.

This will be handled via a simple interface on the web with minimal investment. The existing restaurant must gear up and opt for Cloud Technology in order reap the rich harvest of customer and for the ease of operation and maintenance of the system.

Cloud-based Telephony allows you to get more out of your business 

Cloud-based telephony offers a lot of features and more to a user which is very easy to understand and use it the way that you want it.
The cloud technology features call recording and frequency mapping and storage of other relevant data. A better analysis and insight of data will give you a chance to implement a well thought out decision and plans driving more profits and more frequencies of business transactions with customers.
The marketing manager analyzes the on line banner where a lot of inquiries are asked on a particular number. This banner generates a lot of leads to follow. The manager decides to invest in such working campaign other than other ones. You have a marketing edge.


Every restaurant should now, gear up to embrace the Cloud Technology for ease of operation and success of the business with increased satisfaction of the customer. You successfully camouflage your presence everywhere from a very obscure place unknown to customers.

So, cloud telephony can help you get more out of the food tech industry. You can not only just make calls and send SMS but can also make your telephonic system smart and make it aware of your customers. At the same time, you can maintain customer privacy as well as verify orders and delivery with small and simple methods.

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